What’s new for 2019 at Maldon Soap

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend some quality time with friends, family and loved ones.

I’ve been back in the studio since 3rd January and I’ve been making, making, making – and I’m still making!

Christmas was awesome for Maldon Soap (thank you to everyone who ordered), so much so that I had virtually nothing left! So I’m working really hard to get everything made ready to stock both the website and the outlets with further goodies.

Any of my VIP’s will know from January’s newsletter that I’m discontinuing quite a few products.  Before I give you the list can I just say don’t panic, all is not lost.
Read on and all will be revealed.

So with immediate effect the following products are discontinued:

All shower creams, pure lavender, lemon sherbet, rose geranium,
citrus kick, cedarwood and sandalwood, skin saving shower cream.
Pure Rose Soap
Pure Patchouli Soap
Uplift and revive cocoa butter sugar scrub
Coconut and almond sugar scrub
Lavender and dead sea salt scrub
Sandalwood and olive stone body scrub

OK, so here’s my reasoning behind discontinuing these products.

Firstly, they weren’t selling as quickly as i’d hoped.  I have to make big batches of them and sometimes I’m left with lots of them which don’t sell and then get too old to sell so I end up sampling and giving them away.

Secondly, although I have now switched to glass jars for all these products, they were mostly sold in jam jars – albeit posh jam jars.  So they didn’t look the same as the other products.  They were also a bit slidy and not easy to stack so weren’t very practical to use in a bathroom.
To get the same style glass jars as the rest of the range in the larger sizes for the shower creams and scrubs would cost approx £3 per jar so I’d have had to raise the price of them – which isn’t a good idea for something that doesn’t sell much anyway!

Then I had a brainwave, which I was pleased about because that meant
I actually had a brain to wave at!

I am The Maldon Soap Company after all.
I make soap.
Or rather I make some soap and shed loads of other gorgeous products.  But it’s a little bit removed from what I originally started doing.

Let’s turn them into SOAPS!

More people are becoming aware of single use plastics and wanting to reduce the amount of plastic they are using in all areas of their lives.  Many are turning to bars of soap and ditching the shower gel and pumpy soap dispensers (they’re unhygienic anyway) and that’s obviously fine by me!  Not only are people ditching the plastic but they are becoming more aware of  the unnecessary chemicals contained within liquid hand washes and shower gels.  Obviously my liquid hand washes and shower gels/creams didn’t contain any unnecessary chemicals, just pure liquid soap and essential oils but I wanted to do something different.

So I thought I’d give you more soaps! More choice! More styles! Multi functioning soaps that do more than just clean you. And all of them plastic free, paraben free, palm free sls free, gluten free and 100% fabulous.

I have also made the decision to not use goats milk in my soaps anymore.  The goats milk I used was a wonderful, local, extremely high welfare ingredient from a farm near Mersea.  The farm shop used to be one of my outlets and while I was topping up there I used to buy the goats milk.  But they closed the shop so I had no reason to go there apart from to get the goat’s milk, which wasn’t always convenient.  Plus I have been wanting to make more of my range vegan so it made sense to come up with an alternative.  And I have!

I’m now making my own oatmilk from gluten free, local oats and it’s incredible! It is now the base for all the soaps which were previously goats milk based, so goats milk and avocado will now have an oat base, as will camellia and lavender face soap. These will now be vegan soaps. Purely local soap will have the oatmilk base, although it will still contain local honey, so still won’t be vegan.

Here is the list of all the new soaps that you’ll be seeing around
in the outlets and online very soon:

Patchouli Rose Soap (a mixture of the discontinued pure patchouli and pure rose soaps) The best of both worlds!
Lemon Sherbet Soap
Skin Saving Soap
Avocado and Oatmilk Soap
Sandalwood and Olive Stone Scrubby Soap
Relax and Unwind Soap
Dead Sea Mud Soap (back again by popular demand)
Lavender and Lemon Salt Soap Bars
Carrot and Almond Facial Soap (back by popular demand)
Camellia and Lavender Face Soap (with new oatmilk base)
Purely Local Soap (with new oatmilk base)
Gardener’s Scrubby Soap (new shape and larger size so it’s better value and lasts longer)
Charcoal and Eucalyptus Soap
Aloe and Avocado Scrubby Soap
Coconut and Almond Sugar Soap Bars
Pure Rose Guest Soap Set
Strawberries and Cream Soap Collection

Oh, and there’s a new solid shampoo coming too – Coconut and Argan!
And a Coconut and Argan conditioner bar too!

Phew! That’s a lot of new soaps!  I’m nearly 3/4 the way through making them and I’m so excited to be fully stocked by the middle of February when there will be a big launch party and super special smashing introductory offers.

So until then I’ll get my head down and carry on making and I’ll introduce the soaps one by one as and when they’re ready and added to the website.

Check out next weeks blog which will tell you about an exciting venture which you could all be involved with! Such a lot going on!

Until then, take care.
Lots of Love
Sue xxx

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