The lazy person’s skincare routine

A routine doesn’t have to be time consuming - you just have to be bothered enough to do it! This means committing to following it day and night.

We all want healthy looking skin – and is it any wonder? Healthy skin has a natural glow that looks great and suits every type of personality and ethnicity. Plus it makes us feel happier and more confident about ourselves too! We want a skincare routine that will let us have all of those feel good factors.

But, if we’re totally honest, we’re all a little bit lazy when it comes to looking after our skin. We don’t want to be faffing around with lots of different products or carrying out complex routines when we’d rather be doing something different. We want healthy skin – but we also want a skincare routine that is quick and easy.

Simple, effective and quick are all skincare buzzwords that make us happy. So, is there such a thing as a quick and easy skincare routine that suits a secretly lazy person?

The answer is a resounding yes! But the key to an effective ‘lazy person’s skincare routine is finding the right products and the right routine. So, let’s start with some insight into the right products for you.

Minimise your products

The thing about great skin is this – it doesn’t need lots of time or money to achieve. The best skincare products don’t need to cost the earth. That’s one of the many reasons I created the type of products I make. I want to keep them affordable and I want them to do the job they’re created to do!  You don’t need a cupboard full of bottles and potions – you just need a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream – and they need to be natural and right for your skin type.

Opt for clean, natural products

This is the most important part of product selection. The products you select need to suit your skin type, but they also need to be kind to your skin. You want products that are going to look after your skin, not damage it. This is why I believe it’s always better to go for a product that is made from gorgeous ingredients in it. It’s why I create products that have no nasties in them – no nasty cheap ingredients, no artificial fillers, additives, parabens, palm oil, sulfates or SLS’s. Your skin works hard for you, so make sure you give it what it needs.

Opt for multi use products

Multi use products are great! Not only do they save you money and time, they also save valuable space in your bathroom cupboard! My customers have come up with some great multi-purpose uses for my skincare products. The dead sea mud mask on my website can be used as a face scrub and my gorgeous rose and orange organic toner can also be used as a cooling face spritz and a spray to tame unruly frizzy hair! Then there’s survival soap the space-saving soap and shampoo bar – it can even be used when camping to wash your clothes. It’s like a cleansing swiss army knife!

The lazy person’s skincare routine

We all know the basics of a skincare routine, but we do need to actually implement it if we want great skin. A routine doesn’t have to be time consuming – you just have to be bothered enough to do it! This means committing to following it day and night. Waking up with panda eyes after a night on the town, isn’t just a shock to you when you look in the mirror the next morning – it’s a shock to your skin too!

So, now you know you need to have one, what if I told you it takes less than 5 minutes to carry out a quick and simple skincare routine? I’m guessing you want the details – so here they are!

A quick and easy skincare routine for your face

In the mornings just cleanse your face and neck with a dedicated facial soap and water. However, if you want really fabulous skin, from just one product, opt for coconut and olive hot cloth cleanser which is amazing! Apply to your whole face, working away from your eyes (it will remove even waterproof makeup) give your face a quick massage and remove with a muslin cloth or cotton/bamboo pads and warm water. Time taken: 2 1/2 minutes.

Spray some rose and orange organic toner onto a cotton pad and wipe any remaining cleanser residue away or just use to spritz your face. This will also cool and calm your skin. Time taken: 20 seconds.

Treat your eyes to a dab of the fabulous lavender and oatmilk gentle eye cream which will help with puffiness and fine lines. Then give the rest of your face, neck and decolletage some love with a gorgeous face cream. A great all round cream is Rose Argan Face Cream which would work for all skin types (use less or more if your skin is oily or dry). At night you could use intensive serum to give your skin an overnight treat. Time taken: 2 minutes.

And there you have it – a quick and easy skincare routine that has taken less than 5 minutes to implement, is great for your skin, and only uses the best and easiest of products. I think that makes it the perfect lazy person’s skincare routine!


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