The 7 day challenge begins soon!

Good morning.

I’ aware that quite a few people haven’t seen the blog about the 7 day challenge because it was included in the one about the re-brand so I’ve written another blog (this one) about it so that everyone will get the chance to read it.

On 1st September I re-launched the 7 day skincare kits and they’re even better than before.

7 day skincare kit from The Maldon Soap Company

7 day skincare kit from The Maldon Soap Company

They are perfect for if you’re thinking of changing your skincare regime but don’t want to commit to buying full size products until you’ve tried them for at least a week first.  I have added more of each product so that the kits are even better value and easily last 7-10 days.  They still contain 2 types of cleanser, muslin cloth, bottle of toner, face cream, eye cream, serum and face mask, plus a more in depth instruction sheet with lots of lovely tips for getting the most out of your products.

I’d love for lots of you lovely ladies (men too if you’re up for it) to use the 7 day kit all at the same time so I’ve created a 7 day challenge that will start on Monday 11th September.

I know the 11th is quite far into the month but by then all the children should be back at school which means that any mums reading this will hopefully have a bit more time to spend on themselves.  I know that when my little cherubs returned to school after the summer holidays there was always that first morning when, although the house seemed a bit too quiet, there was that silent cup of tea out in the garden with no distractions – apart from the cat of course!

So here’s how the challenge is going to work:

  • Purchase a 7 day skincare kit between now and 8th September.
  • Take a ‘before’ photo of yourself – but only if you want to.
  • Begin using the kit on Monday 11th September.  Use the products morning and evening.
  • Take note of how your skin feels whether it feels softer, smoother, more toned.
  • Feel free to share your experiences of using the products in a pinned post that will be on the facebook page as from Monday 11th.
  • Take an ‘after’ photo and pop it on the page with your ‘before’ photo – totally optional.
  • Stroke face, revelling in how fantastic and transformed it feels!
  • I’ll be doing the challenge as well so I’ll post my pics and comments too – although I can’t do any reviews because that would be cheating!

What do I do next?

At the end of the 7 days go to the website and leave some reviews of the products in the 7 day kit.  It’s really easy to leave a review, you don’t have to log in anywhere just go to the product, click on the bit that says reviews and this box will pop up: (bad pic as it’s a screen grab).

Just pop in what you thought of the product it doesn’t have to be a long review, just how the product felt, how it made your skin feel, ease of use etc.

Anyone who reviews at least five products from the kit (including the kit itself) will then receive a £5 voucher code off their next purchase from the website.

If you purchase the kit from one of the outlets you just need to email me at before the 8th to let me know that you’re taking part in the 7 day challenge and I’ll add you to the list and look out for your reviews.  Any purchases after 8th won’t be included in the challenge

If you’ve already reviewed a product from the 7 day kit then firstly, thank you very much and secondly, just let me know that you’ve reviewed it already and I’ll include that review in your 5 and you’ll still get your voucher code.

The challenge is only open to anyone purchasing between now and 8th September.  I will be doing further challenges in January and May next year so hopefully the challenge will gain traction and more people will get on board with it.

How does that sound? If you’ve got any questions I’ll be happy to answer them, just pop them in the comments below.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the challenge and hope that plenty of you come on board to transform your skin!

Lots of love,
Sue xx

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