I love Sue’s website, not only does she tell you exactly what’s in each product but also what each of the ingredients is good for. She goes to the trouble of doing lots of trial size products which is a great idea, it must be so time consuming filling lots of little pots and tins rather than full size ones. I love all of her packaging from the jars, bottles and tins, which are all just lovely! to the soaps, which are so beautifully wrapped in gorgeous papers. When your order arrives it is so beautifully packed in in lovely tissue and jars and tins in recyclable packing – even the noodles made from puffed wheat – it’s just all so fabulous!

Ann Craggs

Hey @MaldonSoap  I love your stuff Use it all the time & thought might be nice to say so. No I am not paid for this – just hope u do well

And your pet soaps @MaldonSoap  are the biz – surprised you’re not swamped for those

Nick Knowles