“But the snowman can’t breathe!”

I have decided to change the style and look of one of my Christmas soaps all because of a little boy called Kyle who I met the other day at a craft fair. He was the same height as my craft table so was able to look the minty snowman soap straight in the eye and, presumably, communicate with him! I’ve sold quite a few of these Minty Snowmen so far, both in person and online, but Kyle has been able to see, through a child’s eyes, what I as an oldie hadn’t even thought of. The snowman in the minty snowman soap looked like he was encased in a block of ice and therefore, according to Kyle, he couldn’t breathe. Kyle got upset! Very upset indeed! His mum said it was just soap. I said he could wash with it lots and lots and let the snowman out of the ‘ice block’ but he wasn’t convinced and his mum ended up dragging him away. (sorry Kyles mum, I hope he calmed down eventually)!

Therefore I have decided to change the design of the Minty Snowman Soap. It will now just be the whole snowman itself. I won’t be embedding the snowman in a larger soap and slicing it up. The weight will be the same, the fragrance will be the same, the price will be the same and, although he’s wrapped in cellophane, it is at least biodegradable cellophane which is breathable, so Mr Snowman will be just fine from now on and hopefully won’t freak children out! And I feel a lot better about that!

Although a few of the ice block snowmen are still in the outlets I will be replacing them with the whole snowman versions as and when I get round to the outlets this week.

Busy bee this week making stuff and attending craft fairs and topping up the outlets, so apologies if I’ve been a bit quiet. Normal service will be resumed as soon as Christmas is over!

Lots of Love
Sue xx

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