Survival Soap


Survival soap is the ultimate multi-tasking soap.

As well as cleansing your face, hands and body it can also be used as a shampoo bar – and even for washing your clothes.

Great for camping, festivals or if you want to live a very minimalist life.

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Survival Soap, like all our products, is made from 100% biodegradable ingredients which break down naturally. It’s perfect for keeping clean and fresh on a camping trip, if you like travelling light – or if you just want to lead a plastic-free life.

The soap lathers up beautifully then washes clean away with no sudsy residue. It’s deeply cleansing and moisturising, leaving even problem skin and hair feeling soft, smooth and silky.

What's in Survival Soap?

The moisturising magic of this soap comes from:

Olive oil which leaves skin moisturised without being oily.
oconut oil makes the soap bubble really well and also has the additional benefit of hardening the bar to make it last for ages.
Castor oil helps the soap lather and foam, even in cold water.
Rhassoul mud and green clay have been added for their cleansing properties. They absorb oil without stripping moisture, which is why the bar works so brilliantly as a shampoo.

To prolong the life of your soap, keep it dry between washes on one of our soap savers or in a soap dish with good drainage.


olive oil (sodium olivate), coconut oil (sodium cocoate), castor oil (sodium castorate), rhassoul clay, green clay (argilez)

green type = organic ingredients


Products: Lots of my products contain essential oils. While these are all added at safe levels for normal adult usage please ensure you do your own research or check with your medical practitioner before using products if you are pregnant or if you have any specific health conditions. All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.
Delivery times: Please be aware that, because some products are freshly made to order, it can take a few days for your order to be posted out to you. This is to ensure your products arrive as fresh as possible. I aim to post all orders out within 5 working days of receipt of order but occasionally there may be a longer wait if I have a lot of orders of if the order is very large. So if your order is for a specific date or occasion please ensure you order in enough time to allow for it to be delivered.

7 reviews for Survival Soap

  1. Jane Epsom

    I’ve just used this soap top to toe. It is excellent! It has lovely soft suds. The best thing I noticed was that it was not at all drying. My face didn’t feel dry at all and my hair didn’t need conditioner.

  2. Tana Holmes

    This soap is fantastic. It washed my makeup away with ease and left my skin feeling clean and soft without any dryness or tightness. A great product.

  3. Helen

    I first purchased this amazing soap as a trial ‘bar’ of shampoo! I’m now on my 4th bar and haven’t used bottled shampoo for nearly year (1 bar lasts me roughly 3 months).
    I wash my hair every day and have to use lots of styling products (my hair is very fine, thin and flat)!! I do still use a tiny bit of conditioner but survival soap has reduced the amount of hair loss per wash and cleans my hair wonderfully (it gets rid of every last trace of styling product) and leaves my hair feeling really clean, light but not flyaway and looking shiny.

  4. Kate Carvey

    Does exactly what it says, I use this for my hair and it’s excellent.

  5. henriet.g

    This has become our go-to soap for washing our hands and I also use it as my shampoo. Perfect and versatile.

  6. Angela Stearn

    I received a small bar of this in a recent goody bag. It was perfect size to take away on a 5-day holiday, with the intention of using it to wash socks and underwear every night. I have always been reluctant to use soap on my face which has been prone to blemishes for 50+ years. However, I tried this and it left my face feeling soft and clean. On my next trip to my local stockist I will buy a regular size and cant wait to try it out in place of hair shampoo.

  7. Kath Joslin

    Great versatile bar of soap for all uses. Really practical. I have used it in the shower and trialled it as a shampoo bar, which was great although for regular use I prefer the other Maldon soap shampoo bars for my hair.

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