Surprise goody bags

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Surprise goody bags contain a random selection of Maldon Soap products and will contain a selection of full size, trial size, sample size, discontinued stock, seasonal stock or just random bits and pieces we’ve got laying round the studio. 

They’re great because for just £10 you get at least £15 of products – tho it’s usually a lot more than £15 as we don’t skimp on the contents!

There could be soap, skincare, creams, lotions, balms, bath bombs, solid shampoos, solid conditioners cleansers. You might find a new favourite product!

What will your bag contain?

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Broken biscuits? Misshapes? Lucky dip bags? Kids party bags? You know the excitement these cause! 

Surprise goody bags work in a similar but less tasty way.

It’s your skin rather than your taste buds that will get excited while it waits to see what’s in the bag.

What will you get in your surprise goody bag?

Well if we told you it wouldn’t be a surprise!

The fact is we don’t know either – yet.  When you order your goody bag we go through our collection of goody bag stock which could be full size, trial size, short dated, seasonal, discontinued or slightly misshapen products.  They are all still wonderful to use – we just can’t sell them as they are.

What we can guarantee tho is that no two bags will be the same and you’re highly likely to receive products you’ve never tried before.  This is a brilliant way of trying stuff you might not otherwise buy.  We’ve had so many customers whose favourite products have been discovered in a goody bag!

How much will I get?

Each bag will contain a selection of around £15 worth of Maldon Soap products – tho frequently it will be more than £15 worth as we don’t skimp on the contents.

Some will be sample sized, others full-sized.  The products  will come wrapped in compostable cellophane, aluminium tins or glass jars – although if intensive serum or eye cream are included, these will be in plastic pots.

All the items are clearly labelled.  You will find a full list of all their ingredients under each item on the website

Please note that because of weight and postage costs, we can’t send out more than one goody bag per order.  

9 reviews for Surprise goody bags

  1. Sharon K

    Wow! What a great idea these goody bags are. Not only do you get loads of products (I had an add up and it was way over the £15 worth in my £10 goody bag) but it’s a great way to try different products you wouldnt have otherwise tried. Will definitely get more as they are really great value.

  2. Helen (verified owner)

    These goody bags are just amazing! They are filled with a wide selection of fabulous products from soaps & cleansers to bath bombs & lotions. It’s a wonderful surprise to find out what’s in your surprise bag and they make an ideal gift too! I’ve definitely made purchases of products I never thought I would buy based on my ‘goody bag samples’. I guarantee that when I place an order online, one of these will go in my basket as well!

  3. bacci102 (verified owner)

    Love this bag! Very excited about all the products. There’s loads in there for the price and I’ve definitely tried stuff I wouldn’t normally have thought of and loved it. Great idea to try out lots of amazing products and saving some of the samples as ideal size for a weekend away so I can feel extra pampered!

  4. Kate Carvey (verified owner)

    This is a bag of pure delight, a treasure trove of soaps and creams. Made a fantastic gift for my sisters birthday ❤️

  5. Emma (verified owner)

    Absolutely over the moon with my goody bag. Lots of amazing things to try that I wouldn’t have thought about buying. Just on a hand test everything smells amazing and feels great. Can’t wait to try my soaps. Thank you

  6. Toni (verified owner)

    Really loved this! It was a little gift to myself and was very happy. Got some excellent soaps, trial and full size (all of which smell incredible but I am only just finishing the first one!), trial size body lotion and a lovely bath bomb!
    Wonderful! Will definitely treat myself again some time soon

  7. Kath Joslin (verified owner)

    I love the surprise goody bags. I frequently order them with my ‘main’ order so that I get a selection of little trial sizes of interesting products . Also it gives me things to give to my son or daughter, for them to try out and enjoy x

  8. ajchristy99 (verified owner)

    Great idea to do these. The little samples are a great way to discover new products and also very useful as travel size products to take away with you. Great value for money and its nice to buy oneself a present and not know exactly what is in it.

  9. P G (verified owner)

    Great to try out different products that Maldon Soap have to offer. These goody bags are great value. I try to add one to our order whenever they’re in stock for a surprise treat.

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