Sprays & Pipette Dispensers


Sprays & pipette dispensers are the perfect way to turn your toner into a spritz or to dispense the perfect amount of face or body oil onto your skin.

They are available separately so that you only order when needed and they can be reused many, many times so they are single use plastic free.

See below for information about sizes.


Spray & Pipette Dispensers are available to purchase separately so that you only order when needed and don't end up with loads of them.

Spray attachments are suitable for our toners. Turn your Rose & Orange Toner into a cooling, soothing facial spritz.

What sizes do pipettes come in?

They come in 3 sizes which fit our products perfectly.

Choose from a 10ml one that fits our refill cuticle oil.

The 30ml pipette fits our deep moisture face oil and beard oil.

The 100ml pipette fits our muscle ache massage oil and cool, calm & collected body oil.

Just order which size you want from the dropdown box.

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Spray, 10ml Pipette, 30ml Pipette, 100ml Pipette


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