Skin Saving Balm


Skin Saving Balm will soon become your new best friend if you happen to have dry, chapped, itchy skin or if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or other dry skin conditions.

It’s been described by its many fans as ‘a wonder in a pot.’ For many it’s the go to product for difficult skin.

For more information see below.

Skin Saving Balm is an incredibly versatile, calendula based, one stop skin balm to use on dry skin, bumps, scrapes, bites and scratches, chapped lips, cuticles, spots and scars.

It has also proved to be extremely effective at treating the symptoms and subsequent itching that goes with eczema and psoriasis break outs.

And of course it’s Vegan!  Every home should have one!

How does Skin Saving Balm work?

We use both coconut and olive oils in Skin Saving Balm because they are wonderfully soothing on the skin.

These oils are infused for at least 6 weeks with both lavender and calendula petals (from my garden).  This extracts every bit of goodness from the flower petals and infuses the oil with their incredible benefits.  Then we mix it with gorgeous jojoba and candelila waxes to both thicken boost the skin soothing qualities of this balm.

We add a small amount of both lavender and tea tree organic essential oils.  These oils are incredibly calming and naturally antiseptic, so that any cuts, bites, spots, stings, and other minor skin problems can all be treated naturally with this little wonder in a pot!

Apply as and when needed.  For external use only.

All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.

More information:

Skin saving balm comes in 3 sizes.

There's a 10g trial size tin. Ideal for handbag/pocket/glove box/gym bag size.  Great size to use as a lip balm.

Also a 30g half size tin and a 60g full size tin.

Tins are filled by volume rather than weight.

A little goes a very long way and even the small tin will last for ages.

Aluminium facts:

  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable so don't feel guilty putting your tin in your recycling bag or box.
  • Recycling aluminium takes 95% less energy than producing it from its raw materials.
  • Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours.
  • Aluminum doesn’t have limitations as to how many times you can recycle it.
  • 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still being used in some form today.

Additional information


Full Size 60g, Half Size 30g, Trial Size 10g


coconut oil (cocos nucifera), extra virgin olive oil (olea europaea), jojoba wax (simmondsia chinensis), candelila wax (euphorbia cerifera), local calendula petals, local lavender petals, tea tree essential oil (maleluca alternifolia), lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia).

green type = organic ingredients

For external use only.


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