Sea Breeze Soap


If you love being by the sea as much as I do you’re going to love Sea Breeze Soap.

It has a wonderful fresh fragrance and looks like waves rolling in on the sand.

This is one of my summer specials and is very limited edition, so it won’t be around for long!

See below for more details.

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Sea Breeze Soap is my nod to spending time walking by the sea.

If I could I'd go and live by the sea, or near the sea so that I could walk at the waters edge every single day - yes even in winter, I love it!

There's something about the smell of the sea and the seaside in general. I'm not talking about the smell of doughnuts or dodgems - although these smells are synonymous with some seaside resorts and legendary smells they are too!

What does Sea Breeze Soap smell of?

Imagine that crisp, unmistakable seaweed smell that you get when you're near the sea. I'd say that's my favourite fragrance of all time because it reminds me that I'm in my happy place.

Sea Breeze Soap has a fresh, uplifting fragrance, reminiscent of salty sea spray with hints of seaweed, rosemary and spearmint.  It really is so lovely!

What else does it contain?

It also contains some ground apricot stones - reminiscent of sand - to give the soap a scrubby edge.

This is such a lovely soap I can't wait for you to try it!

In conclusion:

Sea Breeze Soap is wrapped in my natural, compostable cellophane made from wood pulp (no plastic here). The cellophane can be placed on your compost heap where it will completely biodegrade.

Each soap weighs approx 120g

Keep dry between uses to keep your soap germ free and to prolong its life.

Why not keep it on one of my soap holders.  Click here to see them on the website

Very limited edition soap, only available from the website.  When they're gone they're gone!


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