Scents of Summer Soap Collection


Scents of summer soap collection is inspired by all my favourite things about summer.

The idea for this soap collection came about a couple of weeks ago.

Read on to find out more…

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Scents of Summer Soap Collection is one of my fabulous summer special products for 2024.

it’s inspired by my love of gardening and outside living in the summer months.

How did Scents of Summer Soap Collection come about?

The idea came about a few weeks ago when we actually had a nice day. I was out in the garden and the birds were singing. The grass was newly mown and the air smelt amazing.  The philadelphus and roses were newly in flower and their heady fragrance hung in the air.

Then it started to rain, only briefly, but enough to conjure up the gloriously earthy fragrance that only a summer downpour can create.  That smell is called petrichor.

It soon warmed up and dried up and I was able to smell the flowers again. Later on I sat out with my favourite drink.

Here comes summer I thought (well, soon anyway we hope)!

Each soap has one of my favourite fragrances from this summer day and night.

What are the fragrances in this soap collection?

The green soap has the unmistakable, iconic fragrance of freshly mown grass.

The yellow soap smells like the collective fragrance of summer flowers after it's rained.

The pink soap is inspired by my favourite summer sundowner, Rhubarb gin!

These fragrances are all new for 2024 and these soap collections are limited edition.  They are only available while stocks last or until 1st September - whichever comes sooner, I doubt they'll be around for long!

Each soap weighs approx 100g so they will see you through to autumn! Each soap is wrapped in compostable cellophane that is made from wood pulp (no plastic here)! They are tied up with ribbon and embellished with a tiny heart that says 'made with love'.

Because they are.  All my products are handmade by me with a real passion for what I do.

I hope that comes across in the products.

Enjoy your scents of summer soap collection!


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