Peppermint Cooling Cream

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Menopause really is awful! If it’s not the hot flushes, it’s your skin getting blotchy, red, itchy, dry.  And that’s all without the mood swings, weight gain and all the other stuff.

If you suffer from itchy, hot skin or if you want to cool your skin down quickly Peppermint Cooling Cream could be just what you’ve been looking for.

It’s a blend of gorgeous skin friendly ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera with added menthol crystals to add some zing to your skin.

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Peppermint cooling cream is great to apply to arms, legs, feet and back of neck if you’re expecting hot flushes to interrupt your day or night.

The cream is instantly absorbed into your skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and then the peppermint kicks in and your skin starts to feel cool and tingly.

It’ll be great to use if we have another heatwave this year!

There’s also a peppermint cooling spray which has just been launched.  The link to it is here

What’s in peppermint cooling cream?

It has a base of organic peppermint hydrolat to cool plus menthol crystals and organic peppermint essential oil. There’s also some organic clary sage oil to help to calm hot flushes.

There’s also organic coconut oil and aloe vera to soothe and smooth skin.

Do not apply if you suffer from cold extremities.

Peppermint cooling cream comes in a 60g glass jar with an aluminium lid.  Both infinitely recyclable.

Quantitative ingredients:

peppermint hydrolat (mentha pipera), aloe vera (aloe barbadensis), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), menthol crystals (mentha pipera), emulsifying wax, palm free stearic acid, seaweed extract (fucus versiculosis), peppermint essential oil (mentha pipera), clary sage essential oil (salvia sclera), ecosafe natural preservative (benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic acid, sorbic acid and benzonic acid) 

Ingredients in green are 100% organic.

1 review for Peppermint Cooling Cream

  1. Lorraine

    This product is wonderful. I put it on the back of my neck just as a hot flush is beginning and it instantly feels cooling. It makes the skin feel cold. I will definitely buy this cream.

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