Organic Cocoa Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser

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Organic Cocoa Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser.  A little heart from me to you! A heart packed with incredible ingredients!

Organic, unrefined, fairly traded cocoa and shea butters form the main part of the ingredients. Plus there’s organic cold pressed evening primrose oil in there too.  What’s not to love about that!

It’s unfragranced, 100% organic, vegan and very wonderful for all skin types, even oily! Although unfragranced, the raw, unrefined cocoa butter has a distinctive smell of chocolate! It’s incredible!

This product is mainly cocoa butter and consequently will not set in this hot 30 degrees plus weather, so I can’t make any!  It will be back in stock when the weather cools down!

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How does Organic Cocoa Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser work?

Simply take the solid heart and rub between your hands.  The heat from your hands will melt enough of the product then simply sweep onto your face.  Give it a good massage in an upwards motion.  The butters and oils will dissolve make up and grime from your skin.

You can even stroke the bar straight over your face to melt it so it goes exactly where it needs it.

The good thing about the heart shape is that the rounded bits fit exactly into your eye sockets to melt a tiny bit onto your eye make up without using too much.  If you work away from your eyes downwards over your closed eye lashes it wont sting. Leave to work for a few minutes – it might take a little while for it to work but it’s a totally natural product so let nature take its course.

How to remove the product from your skin:

Wet either a muslin cloth, flannel or cotton wool pads in some hot water, wring out well and use to sweep the day off your face. Removes all traces of makeup and waterproof eye make up.  If you use mascara with fibres in you might need to repeat the process but even commercial chemical eye make up removers don’t get it all off first time!

Rinse cloth and repeat until all traces of make up and product have been removed. Once your face is clean it will feel so soft and smooth and amazing.  Even if you have oily skin it won’t leave your skin feeling clammy or oily as it only removes the oil that shouldn’t be there and leaves the natural oils your skin needs.

Finish with a spritz of toner and your favourite moisturiser.

This product will last for months and months.  A little goes a very long way. If it gets dirty with make up you can just run it under a warm tap give it a rub and blot it dry.

Obviously it’s solid butter so don’t leave it on, say, a sunny windowsill or near a radiator.  It will be fine at normal temperature in its natural cellophane wrapper or if you have a little tin or plastic container you can pop it in that.

Quantative ingredients of Organic cocoa butter hot cloth cleanser:

Organic, fairly trade unrefined cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), organic, fair trade, unrefined shea butter (butyrospermium parkii), organic, cold pressed evening primrose oil (oenotheria biennsis).


1 review for Organic Cocoa Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah Page (verified owner)

    This product really suits my highly reactive skin. It is an effective cleanser even for waterproof mascara, massaging the butter over my face then using the hot cloth. A relief to find a gorgeous smelling and natural product that doesn’t irritate. Thanks Sue!

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