Moisture Drench Face Treatment


Here’s a surprise product launched especially to celebrate Maldon Soaps 10th Birthday!

Moisture Drench Face Treatment is a gorgeous new product that I have been experimenting with for a while and my 10th Birthday seemed like the perfect time to release it!

My skin loves it! And I hope yours does too!

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Moisture Drench Face Treatment is a brand new product from Maldon Soap. I've been testing it for a while but decided to release it to celebrate Maldon Soaps 10th Birthday. However I'm sure it will be around for a lot longer!

It's made from a blend of organic flower hydrolats.  These are by products of organic essential oil production. Then I've added some aloe vera to the mixture because it's so smoothing and nourishing to your skin.

Moisture drench face treatment is fragranced with neroli essential oil. This has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.  These are helpful for reducing acne breakouts and skin irritations.  The fragrance of neroli is incredibly uplifting.  In a poll of 500 essential oils neroli came out top as the ulitmate 'feel good' oil.  Its fragrance can help with anxiety, depression and even menopausal symptoms.

This is such a decadent product!

What's the buzz about hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid seems to be everywhere and in everything at the moment - and with good reason!

It's a substance that is naturally occuring in our bodies. It can be found in the fluid in our joints, eyes and skin and it's there to keep them lubricated.

In fact it's one of the main ingredients in treatments for dry eyes because it contains the stuff that has diminished from eyes to make them dry in the first place!

Our bodies hyaluronic acid levels diminish with age (typical!). So it would be very beneficial if:

  • you are beginning to see the first signs of ageing in the form of fine lines or wrinkles
  • skin feels dull or dehydrated
  • your skin is oily or blemish prone
  • you feel your moisturiser isn't giving you enough hydration.

If you already use a retinol or vitamin C based moisturiser, combining it with a hyaluronic acid treatment will enhance its benefits.

Hyaluronic acid is popularly called “The Fountain of Youth”,  and it is a frequent ingredient in high end skin care products. It's an important skincare ingredient and is suitable for pretty much every skin type.

How do I use Moisture Drench Face Treatment?

When I use it I spritz my face and decolletage with toner first and then apply the moisture drench to my damp skin so that it has some moisture to carry into your skin.

Apply Moisture Drench Face Treatment sparingly using your fingertips. Use it on your face, neck and decolletage.

Face drench feels a bit slimy at first, so it spreads really easily onto your skin.  It will soon dry and wont leave any sticky residue. If you find you need a tiny slick of moisturiser afterwards just distribute some of your regular face cream onto the palms of your hands and just press it onto your face so as not to disturb the face drench.

I'm making a video on how to use it soon so I'll pop it on here as soon as it's done.

Are there different strengths of hyaluoronic acid?

You would think that a stronger concentration would give better results but in the case of hyaluronic acid that's not true. A stronger concentration would simply draw moisture AWAY from your skin. So the level I'm using is perfect for drawing IN moisture.

More about Moisture Drench Face Treatmemt

Moisture Drench Face Treatment comes in a 30ml amber glass bottle.  You can purchase it with a pipette dispenser or as a refill so you can reuse your pipette many times, thus saving on plastic and ensuring that no single use plastic is used.

It also comes as a 5ml trial size in a teeny glass bottle that's so cute! Trial sizes give you about a weeks worth so you can fully test it out to make sure it's perfect for your skin before committing to a full size bottle.  They're great for travelling and holidays too!

The glass bottles I use are fully, infinitely recyclable.

Where does hyaluoronic acid come from?

Hyaluronic acid starts out as a white powder with no aroma.
Commercially, much of it is sourced from poultry (rooster combs) which, obviously, I would never use.
The type I use is made by producing enzymes from a bacteria based biofermentation process that is guaranteed to be animal free and has good eco credentials. It is Soil Association approved. It is also vegan.
Hyaluronic acid can be more commonly referred to in medical texts as Hyaluronan. This is because it is a salt rather than an acid, it was first developed in the 1970’s for use in eye surgery.

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