Minty Foot Care Collection


The only downside of spring is that the time comes to get your feet out! Shock horror!

If your feet are anything like mine and they’ve spent the winter in boots and when they emerge they need some serious work!

Well, here it is, Minty Foot Care Collection, your defence against hard skin, your saving grace.  Make your feet fit to be seen again with this collection of amazing foot products which all work together to get your feet fit to be seen in summer!

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What’s in Minty Foot Care Collection?

First, there’s a minty foot soak so you can pamper, deodorise and soften your feet prior to hard skin removal.

You can read more about it and see the product here

Then there’s minty gel foot scrub, a pumice filled minty wonder to deal with hard skin effectively.

You can read more about it here

Next is the wonderfully cocoa buttery minty foot cream to use after hard skin removal and every night (so it works on your hard skin while you sleep)

To read all about minty foot cream click the link here

And last but by no means least there’s the very popular minty scrubby foot soap.  A pumice filled soap to wash and scrub your feet on a daily basis. Great to have in the shower.  Unlike other pumice foot products this soap will last for ages and won’t break up after one use!

To read more about it click the link here

For all the ingredients of the products see their individual links.

To see a video about the foot care collection and a sneak peek of a new product click the link here



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