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Minty foot balm is a gorgeous new product that I’ve been working on for a little while.

I wanted to make a more intensive version of my minty foot cream and, after much trial and error, here it is!

Minty foot balm is a solid bar of goodness and is made from a mixture of skin loving, organic butters, oils, clays, waxes and essential oils.

Stroke it over freshly clean feet and the bar will melt on contact with your skin, delivering a film of moisture to your feet which you can then massage in to soften, nourish and care for tired, sore, achey feet.

How amazing does that sound?

Don’t you just need one right now?

See below for more details…



What’s in Minty Foot Balm:

Fair trade cocoa butter: Softens hard skin, pampers and cares for your feet.

Fair Trade Shea Butter: Another skin softener which helps to keep hard skin at bay.

Horsetail Infused Olive Oil: Horsetail herb is great for boosting the circulation so helps with aching feet and olive oil is great for adding moisture to dry skin.

Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint cools feet when they’re hot and warms them when they’re cold, it’s great at deodorising and soothing.

Minty essential oils also work well as mild astringents, helping to tone your skin naturally.  This also helps to clear away dead cells, removing dirt from pores and leaving skin softer, smoother, more supple and hydrated.

Eucalyptus essential oil: Eucalyptus is anti bacterial and has anaesthetic properties so it helps with aching feet.

Spearmint essential oil: smells amazing!

How to use Minty Foot Balm:

After bathing, showering or using any of our minty foot products, just stroke the bar over your warm feet and it will start to melt a layer of buttery goodness over your feet.  Apply enough to cover your foot then massage in to your skin, paying attention to any dry skin areas.  A little goes a very long way!

Pop on some socks to protect your feet and the floor while the foot balm does its thing.  Repeat with the other foot.

It’s great used at night to deeply moisturise your feet while you sleep.  Easier too as it’s less slidey that way!*

This is a cocoa butter based product so it will leave your skin quite oily and slidey while it’s absorbing into your skin – which is why we recommend putting socks on afterwards.

How to store:

Minty foot balm comes in a handy tin so you’ve got something to keep it in.  Keep it somewhere away from heat as it will melt on contact with skin so will definitely melt on a sunny windowsill or near a radiator.  Having said that and it shouldn’t make a mess of anything if you keep it in the tin!

It’s also available as a refill so you can re-use your tin many times.

Approximate weight of balm 35g. A little will go a very long way

Quantitative ingredients of Minty Foot Balm:

fair trade cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), fair trade shea butter (butyrospermium parkii), horsetail infused olive oil (equisetum arvense, olea europaea), jojoba wax (simmondsia chinensis), green clay (argilez), spearmint oil (mentha spicata), peppermint oil (mentha pipera), eucalyptus oil (eucalyptus globulus).

green type = organic ingredients

*It’s obvious but has to be said: please beware of slips and trips that could occur when using this product.

5 reviews for Minty Foot Balm

  1. Lorraine

    This foot balm is lovely. It smells great and it has softened my heels. I used it for a week, when they felt quite rough, but before using a pumice stone. It definitely made a difference. I am now using it every day to keep them soft. I keep it in a tin that had lavender hand cream in, also a great product.

  2. Angela Stearn

    I also have the minty scrubby soap and the minty scrubby foot mask but decided not to use them at the same time as this balm, so that I could appreciate exactly how well the balm was working. I was not disappointed. It smells so fresh. It is so economical because the tiniest of strokes across it will load your fingers with enough for an entire foot. In fact, I did overdo it on the first use. It has left my feet feeling wonderful and I am about to try it on a very problematic elbow that becomes beyond dry every few days. I am not sure whether I should store the foot balm in a container, or leave it in the open air to harden off a little bit, because on a sunny day (yes, we did have a couple) it did begin to get a bit “runny”. Another amazing product Sue and thank you,

    • Sue Mckenna

      Thank you for your lovely comments Angela.

      I’d suggest popping it in a container to save it melting somewhere it shouldn’t.

      I’m actually supplying tins with them now for this very reason.

      Lots of love
      Sue xxx

  3. Christine

    This is by far the best foot product I have ever used. I love it. It glides on to your skin like magic, moisturises for hours and smells divine.

  4. Deborah

    Really pleased with my minty foot balm, a lovely smelling and soothing product. I stroke it onto my feet before putting on my bed socks and getting into bed. Noticed the difference on my heels straight away. Will be getting one for my husband (not letting him share mine!)

  5. Alison

    As with the other foot products which I love. I LOVE this foot balm. Perfect product to use after having a foot soak.

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