Mineral Bath Salts

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Mineral Bath Salts are a great way of adding some necessary goodness to your bath in the form of Magnesium.

Bathing in magnesium rich water is a great way for your body to absorb this very beneficial mineral through the skin.

I supply a range of mineral salts for you to use in the bath. Choose from magnesium flakes, epsom salts, himalayan pink salt and dead sea salt.

Or why not make up your own  mixture of all four?

For more information see below.


A few years ago I used to make bath salts which were a mixture of these four mineral salts plus added moisture rich coconut oil.  They were fragranced with lavender or a skin warming blend of essential oils or unfragranced.  Sadly I had to discontinue them.

However, I’m now able to supply all the salts individually, along with fragranced and unfragranced bath oils* to add to the salts.  The link to the bath oils is here.

That way you can make up your own batches of mineral rich bath salts just the way you like them!

A bit more about these mineral rich salts:

Magnesium Flakes are enough on their own to use in your bath but for an extra boost of magnesium you can blend them with the other salts here to get their full mineral rich benefit.

You can also buy Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea Salt

Here’s a recipe to make up a great batch of magnesium rich mineral bath salts:

For 1 bath just use 2 tablespoons each of Magnesium, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea Salt.

If you want to just use magnesium add around 8 tablespoons to your bath as its running and then swish to dissolve them.

If you want a moisturising or fragrant bath you can put the salts or flakes into a bowl and stir through about a tablespoon of oil or a fragrance oil before adding the salts to the running water.

Always choose an oil specifically designed for use in the bath.



Please be aware that adding oil to your bath water will make it slippery.

Each 400g pack of Mineral Salts comes in a natural, compostable cellophane bag.

* Please note that the moisturising fragrance oil I supply has the right dilution of fragrance and oil. Please do your own research into amounts to use if you are going to use your own oils.

Due to their weight I can only supply one pack of each mineral salt at a time.



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  1. Elizabeth Morris

    What a wonderful idea! I’ve been looking into mineral salts for a while and I know you can get them in lots of other places but when I saw that Maldon Soap were selling them it was an easy decision to make to get them from here. I felt confident in buying these ones because they are backed up by Sues remarkable knowledge of what our skin needs. I also bought the bath oil to go with them and followed Sues video and I now have these lovely salts in my bathroom for whenever I can grab time to have a bath. They are simply amazing.

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