Lemon Verbena Hand Rescue


Lemon Verbena Hand Rescue is an amazing hand treatment that will deliver a huge boost of moisture to help the skin of our hands not look so old and tired!

It contains hyaluronic acid and lots of other beneficial ingredients that will nourish and care for your skin.

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Lemon Verbena Hand Rescue is amazing and has changed my hands for good!

Did you know that our hands are the first thing to give away our age?

I've always been so self conscious of the back of my hands. Even as a child my hands were freckly, red and scaly - like elephant skin! They were totally unlike my friends hands who were pale, soft and smooth and 'ladylike' (I was a bit of a tomboy - still am if I'm honest).

I've created a new hand cream that has really helped my skin! I wish I'd had this 40 years ago as I might not have been as paranoid about my hands!

Lemon Verbena Hand Rescue is gorgeous!

I've basically thrown everything but the kitchen sink in it. If it's good for dry skin, good for plumping skin, good for repairing skin - it's in there!

What's in this incredible hand rescue?

* Hyaluronic acid to carry moisture into your skin.
* Shea Butter to help reduce scarring and soften skin.
* Co-enzyme Q10 to encourage the skin to repair itself whilst boosting collagen production and preventing wrinkles.
* Vitamin C to brighten the skin, fade dark spot and freckles.
* Allantoin to smooth and replenish skin.
* Vitamin E to nourish skin.

All this is delivered in a hand cream that has the smoothest, loveliest texture. It sinks in like a dream and leaves your skin smelling incredible, looking plumped and hydrated and feeling wonderful!

As with all my products a little goes a long way! To boost hydration I give my hands a spritz of toner before putting this cream on so the hyaluronic acid draws even more moisture into my skin!

More information

Lemon Verbena Hand Rescue comes in a 60g tin which is aluminium and fully recyclable.



aqua, apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca), sls free emulsifying wax, palm free stearic acid, shea butter (butyrospermium parkii), glycerine, caprylic trygliceride, vitamin c powder (sodium ascorbate phosphate), vitamin E oil (tocopherol), hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), lemon verbena essential oil (thymus hiemalis), co-enzyme Q10, allantoin, benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic acid,  sorbic acid and benzonic acid cl 77019, 77891, 77492

green type = organic ingredients


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