Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub


Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub is fantastic for sloughing off rough edges and bumpy skin from upper arms, hips, thighs and bums.

It smells heavenly, like a lemon grove, so when you use it your skin will be soft, smooth and richly fragrant.

It has a base of ground olive stone to exfoliate plus a healthy dose of aloe vera so it will soothe your skin too.

See below for more information.

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Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub, like all our other products, is organic and vegan.

If your skin is rough, dry and scaly this scrub could be just what it needs.

Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub would be suitable for your skin if it:

  • is bumpy and lumpy
  • is dry and scaly
  • resembles orange peel
  • feels rough and itchy

What does it contain?

  • organic aloe vera to soothe skin
  • palm free, organic glycerine to carry moisture into the skin to keep it hydrated
  • grapeseed oil to ensure you’re not scrubbing without replacing moisture
  • kaolin clay to lift impurities from the skin
  • olive stone to slough away dead skin leaving it brighter

These ingredients all work together to remove dead skin whilst keeping skin nourished so it can replenish lost moisture and stay balanced.

However, it doesn’t leave skin feeling oily so it would be great to use before applying fake tan.

It has the most incredibly zingy lemon sherbet fragrance.  It will leave your skin smelling fabulous and your senses uplifted.

More Information about Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub:

This lovely scrub comes in a 150 aluminium tin which is packed by volume, not weight, so the product weighs about 180g.  Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Aluminium facts:

  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable so don't feel guilty putting your tin in your recycling bag or box.
  • Recycling aluminium takes 95% less energy than producing it from its raw materials.
  • Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours.
  • Aluminum doesn’t have limitations as to how many times you can recycle it.
  • 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still being used in some form today.


kaolin clay, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis), palm free glycerine, grapeseed oil (vitis vinifera), potassium cocoate, potassium olivate, ground olive stone (olea europaea), coco glucoside, ground apricot stone (prunus arminiaca), may chang essential oil (litsea cubeba), yellow clay (argilez), ecosafe natural
preservative (benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic  acid, sorbic acid and benzonic acid).

green type = organic ingredients.


Products: Lots of my products contain essential oils. While these are all added at safe levels for normal adult usage please ensure you do your own research or check with your medical practitioner before using products if you are pregnant or if you have any specific health conditions. All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.
Delivery times: Please be aware that, because some products are freshly made to order, it can take a few days for your order to be posted out to you. This is to ensure your products arrive as fresh as possible. I aim to post all orders out within 5 working days of receipt of order but occasionally there may be a longer wait if I have a lot of orders of if the order is very large. So if your order is for a specific date or occasion please ensure you order in enough time to allow for it to be delivered.

3 reviews for Lemon Sherbet Body Scrub

  1. Tamara

    Smells amazing best body scrub I’ve used. Love the lemon fragrance makes me think of summer.

  2. Rosemary Bennett

    I absolutely love this..it smells fabulous and does a wonderful job of slouching away dry skin ..perfect when used with the lemon soap and moistuiser

  3. Betty

    Oh my goodness this is the best scrub I’ve ever used! Most scrubs you get on the market, even really expensive ones, are really rubbish and don’t actually do anything. This actually SCRUBS your skin. The tops of my arms usually have little bobbly bits of skin but after using this a couple of times a week that’s all gone! it’ll be a game changer for the summer. Thank you thank you thank you!

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