Lavender & Rosemary Soap


Lavender and rosemary soap will cleanse hands and body with its luxuriously creamy lather. Not only that but it will leave your skin smelling gorgeous and feeling soft and hydrated.

It has an uplifting, mood brightening fragrance from organic lavender and rosemary essential oils.

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Lavender and Rosemary Soap is the perfect pick me up if you’re feeling tired, sluggish or a bit meh! But that’s not all.  It also has the most gorgeous uplifting fragrance of organic rosemary and lavender pure essential oils.

What is this organic lavender and rosemary soap made from?

  • Olive oil: Super moisturising and softens skin.
  • Sunflower oil: A lovely light oil which helps to create a soft lather.
  • Coconut oil: Super hydrating, great for your skin and also makes the soap super bubbly.
  • Unrefined, fair trade cocoa butter: Adds luxurious moisture and hydration to your skin.
  • Unrefined fair trade shea butter: Helps with scarring, stretch marks and all dry skin conditions.
  • Pure lavender essential oil: Calming, soothing, relaxing, skin beneficial, wonderful.
  • Rosemary essential oil: uplifting and refreshing, for clarity of mind and clear thinking.

These 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredients will work together to help clear your mind and soothe your body.  They will also leave dry skin feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.

Each soap weighs approximately 120g and is wrapped in handmade, tree free Himalayan lokta paper which is fully sustainable and compostable.

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Olive oil (sodium olivate), coconut oil (sodium cocoate), sunflower oil (sodium sunflowerate),
pure lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia), organic rosemary essential oil (rosmarinus officianalis), green clay (argilez).

green type = organic ingredients.


Products: Lots of my products contain essential oils. While these are all added at safe levels for normal adult usage please ensure you do your own research or check with your medical practitioner before using products if you are pregnant or if you have any specific health conditions. All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.
Delivery times: Please be aware that, because some products are freshly made to order, it can take a few days for your order to be posted out to you. This is to ensure your products arrive as fresh as possible. I aim to post all orders out within 5 working days of receipt of order but occasionally there may be a longer wait if I have a lot of orders of if the order is very large. So if your order is for a specific date or occasion please ensure you order in enough time to allow for it to be delivered.

6 reviews for Lavender & Rosemary Soap

  1. Kath

    Another beautiful soap from Sue. This one lathers up with a beautiful creamy lather. The fragrance is uplifting and isn’t overpowering. The rosemary also tempers it so it isn’t an overly ‘feminine’ fragrance. It’s a firmer soap and seems to last ages – I think my last bar lasted me at least 6 weeks of daily use.

  2. Pamela

    I need a larger soap dish for all of Sue’s wonderful soaps. The lavender perfume is beautiful, not overpowering, and my hands are nice and soft after using this soap. It lathers up lovely and lasts for ages

  3. jackie christy

    I love using Maldon soap and this one is one of my favourites. I use it in the shower every morning and the earthiness of the rosemary and lavender helps my body relax and wake up to facing each new day.

  4. Wendy

    Using for the first time and so impressed. It lathers up beautifully with just a small amount and smells gorgeous. Also leaves the skin nice and soft will definitely be trying more products..

  5. ajchristy99

    My favorite soap to use in the shower leaving me clean, relaxed and ready to face the day ahead

  6. Julia

    Lovely soap. Lathers very well smells lovely. I love the way Sue packages all her soaps so they are lovely to have on the shelf until needed. This is another one of Sue’s soaps that lathers well enough for shaving my legs – with a safety razor of course! No plastic.

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