Jasmine & Rose Micellar Cleanser


Jasmine & Rose Micellar Cleanser is a gorgeous organic cleanser which will cleanse effectively whilst keeping your skin in tip top condition.

There are lots of Micellar cleansers on the market that contain some questionable ingredients.  This one, in true Maldon Soap style, contains only the finest, organic ingredients which won’t clog, dry or damage your skin.

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Jasmine & Rose Micellar Cleanser contains both jasmine and rose absolutes, so, not only does it smell incredible, it also adds a touch of pure luxury to your skin care regime.

What are the beneficial ingredients of Jasmine and Rose Micellar  Cleanser?

Organic rosewater is so soothing and smoothing for your skin.  Also rose helps to cool and calm redness.
Organic camellia oil is a very light, easily absorbed oil which won’t clog pores or weigh your skin down.
Palm Free Glycerine carries moisture deep into the skin to keep it hydrated.
Aloe Vera Gel is well documented at being a superb skincare ingredient.  Not only is it soothing and cleansing but it also nourishes and cares for irritated skin.
Witch Hazel is included becaust it will tighten pores.  It also smoothes the complexion and generally cares for skin.
Rose and Jasmine absolutes are both deeply luxurious and very caring essential oils. They will help to soothe redness, calm and nurture your skin.

How to use Jasmine and Rose Micellar Cleanser:

Give the bottle a shake to mix all the ingredients together.  When mixed you can use it with re-usable make up pads or cotton wool pads to gently sweep away make up and debris from your face.  Don’t forget to use it on your neck and decolletage too.

This cleanser is also great to use if you just need to freshen up your skin!

Tone and moisturise as normal.  Here’s the link to our fabulous rose and orange organic toner.

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rosewater (rosa damascena), camellia oil (camellia olifera), potassium olivate, potassium cocoate, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis), potassium sunflowerate, palm free glycerine, coco glucoside, witch hazel (hamamelis sinensis), jasmine absolute (jasminium officianalis), rose absolute (rosa damasceae), benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic acid, sorbic acid and benzonic acid.

green type = organic ingredients


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2 reviews for Jasmine & Rose Micellar Cleanser

  1. Rosemary Bennett

    This cleanser smells incredible and does a fantastic job of cleansing the skin before It leaves my skin so incredibly soft without using moisturiser or a face oil

  2. Rosemary Bennett

    This cleanser smells incredible and does a fantastic job of cleansing the skin before It leaves my skin so incredibly soft without using moisturiser or a face oil..perfect for my Rosacea and calms it down beautifully

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