Frankincense Facial Mist


Frankincense Facial Mist is great if your skin is feeling dry, parched and crepey or you suffer from red, sensitive skin.

It’s also great if you suffer from hot flushes during menopause.

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Frankincense Facial Mist contains a blend of organic hydrolats.  Frankincense hydrolat has amazing properties but its fragrance isn’t terribly appealing.  On its own it smells earthy and a musty, a bit like insence so not dissimilar to the inside of an old church.  Now, while that might be nice if you’re into historic architecture it’s not the greatest thing to smell of!  So I’ve also added some organic orange flower hydrolat and some organic spearmint hydrolat too.  It’s a heavenly blend!

A bit about these hydrolats:

These organic hydrolats are a wonderful by-product of the essential oil manufacturing process, so they retain many of the properties of the essential oils.

Frankincense helps to hydrate dry skin and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks.
Orange Flower is toning, uplifting and brightens the skin and the mood.
Spearmint has a calming effect on the skin and can help with redness associated with acne and rosacea.

What’s good about this Frankincense Facial Mist?

Frankincense Facial Mist is suitable for dry, mature skin. It will add a film of moisture to your skin whenever it’s needed to keep skin hydrated and plumped up.

It’s great to use when the central heating goes on and your face feels like it’s going to crack!

If you’re peri-menopausal or menopausal like me you’ll find this face spritz great for cooling your skin down during hot flushes.  I discovered the other day that if you spritz your face and body and stand in front of a fan it helps quite a lot!

If your skin is dry and you need more of the benefits of frankincense essetial oil you could also try camellia rose face cream for dry skin or intensive facial serum.  Both are amazing at restoring dry, parched skin to soft, smooth, hydrated skin.

More information:

Frankincense Facial Mist comes in two sizes.  There's the full size 100ml amber glass bottle with a spray attachment, a 100ml refill that comes with an aluminium lid or why not try it first with a 30ml trial size.

Glass and aluminium are infinitely recyclable so you can pop your bottles and lids in the recycling with a clear conscience.

The spray attachment that comes with the full size bottle can be reused many, many times. Please purchase a refill once and reuse your spray attachment.

Additional information


100ml with spray, 100ml Refill, 30ml Trial Size


organic frankincense hydrolat (boswellia carterii water), organic orange flower water (citrus aurantium amara flower water), organic spearmint hydrolat (mentha spicata flower water)

green type = organic ingredients


Products: Lots of my products contain essential oils. While these are all added at safe levels for normal adult usage please ensure you do your own research or check with your medical practitioner before using products if you are pregnant or if you have any specific health conditions. All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.
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4 reviews for Frankincense Facial Mist

  1. Mrs Jackie Christy (verified owner)

    So glad I bought this refreshing spray with a wonderful fragrance that helps me relax and feel refreshed. I use it after washing or when I have been out and feel hot and flustered. Lovely new product

  2. Christine 

    I am a fifty something and have never been a morning person, now more than ever I wake up feeling puffy, hot and drowsy. I spray my face with this in the mornings after cleansing and before make up and find it refreshing, cooling and revitalising

  3. Deborah 

    I love the scent of this facial mist, how I imagine Morocco to smell! I have very sensitive, dry skin but this fine mist is so gentle and refreshing. A perfect product now that our days are warming up.

  4. Lorraine 

    This has a lovely fragrance and it’s great to use when you feel a bit hot and bothered. Like I do a lot of the time, being over 50. It is light and has a cooling affect.

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