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Here’s a great bundle for your four legged bundle of joy.  If your dog suffers from dry, sensitive skin or your cat has flaky patches from flea allergies then look no further than this amazing dog shampoo and balm which contain only pure natural oils and butters and pure essential oils all to help their delicate skin.

Containing a big bar of the best selling Bensons Bubbles Dog Shampoo and a 50g pot of Bensons Balm Sore Paw Wax it’ll have mans (and womans) best friend sorted for the winter against dirty coats, dry skin, cracked pads and lots of other doggy dilemmas.

By purchasing the two together in this bundle you can save £2 on the purchase price. That’s a barkingly good offer!

See below for a description of both products:

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Benson’s Bubbles Dog Shampoo:

If you’ve got a dog or you’re a dog groomer you’ll know the rigmarole of trying to spread liquid shampoo through a dogs coat when you’re bathing or showering them.  You either use too much or not enough, you get some up one end and none up the other, it foams too much or not enough and you have to keep reapplying the shampoo when you miss a bit.  And then comes the rinsing….. nightmare!

Then once you’ve shampoo’d you find can’t get rid of the bubbles and your dogs coat just keeps foaming and foaming and all the time their poor skin is drying out due to the foaming agents in the shampoo.

Enter solid shampoo.  Not only is this shampoo completely natural, packed with gorgeous oils and butters plus pure essential oils to care for and nurture your dogs skin and condition their coat but it’s also really easy to apply and even easier to rinse out.

Picture the scene.  You have your damp dog in one hand and a big bar of dog shampoo in the other. Simply stroke the bar over their wet coat to cover.  No spilling, no fuss.  It can go underground, overground, access all areas, wherever it’s needed and no need to juggle liquid shampoo in your hands.  Once it’s applied just rub it in and it will lather really gently; enough to clean and deodorise but not enough to dry their skin out.  If they’ve been rolling in stuff they shouldn’t have just rinse and repeat.

On the rinsing side this solid dog shampoo actually does rinse out.  Completely! Just shower or hose it out and it’s gone.  No latent soapy bits that suddenly foam up when your dog goes out in the rain.  No crusty dry flaky bits that you find in their coat after they’re dry.  Not only that but it leaves their coat clean, soft, shiny and cared for.  All without the use of artificial foaming agent, sls, parabens and lots of other additives and fillers that manufacturers feel we should find acceptable these days because ‘it’s only a dog’

Who’d have thought shampooing your dog could be so simple!

For more details of what’s in Bensons Bubbles Dog Shampoo click here.

Four Legged Friends Sore Paw Wax:

Four legged friends Sore Paw Wax is so much more than a paw and pad wax.  If your dog (or cat) has sensitive skin, dry flaky patches where they’ve scratched themselves silly or maybe irritated patches from flea allergies this balmy wax can help!

Made from a gorgeous blend of natural butters, waxes and oils plus pure lavender essential oil it’s really easy to apply, sinks in well and soothes their skin to relieve dry patches and irritation.  It’s also not that appealing to eat so they shouldn’t try to lick it off too much.

It was designed for my grandson Benson the black labrador.  I created it when he had been galloping round on the stony beach (and goodness knows what else) too much and he ended up with cut, scratched pads.  I whipped up a batch of this and, after testing it on ourselves, we applied it to his paws (sparingly so he didn’t do a Torville and Dean on the kitchen floor) and even overnight it had helped but the cuts were gone in about 3 days.

It’s since been used on my cat too as he had nasty scaly patches that he had from where he’d been scratching himself (he has a flea allergy) and the wax worked wonders for that too! the vet wanted to use steroid cream but this cleared it up quicker! Now we know it’s great for cats too we couldn’t call it just Benson Balm so it’s changed its name to Four Legged Friends Sore Paw Wax as that’s much more appropriate.

Now whenever there are dog or cat related ouchies we reach for the four legged friends sore paw wax!

To read more about the incredible ingredients in Four legged friends Sore Paw Wax click here.


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