Cotton Face Cloths


Cotton Face Cloths are a great way to remove our cleansers and face masks.

They are great for getting every last trace of cleanser or face mask off.

They will leave your skin feeling amazingly clean and fresh and ready for a spritz of toner and moisturiser.

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Cotton face cloths are a great addition to any skincare routine.

They are effective at removing many of Maldon Soap’s cleansers.  These include coconut & olive hot cloth cleansers and lavender & oat face cleanser.

These face cloths are also great for removing the last bits of rose clay & aloe face mask once you’ve washed the rest away with water – there’s always a bit left behind on your eyebrows or nose!

Machine washable so you can put them on a cold wash or anything up to 90 degrees.  They can just be popped in the washing machine with your whites - see important information tab.

To ensure they are fully absorbent wash your cotton face cloths before use, without using fabric softener. A dash of white vinegar helps to keep them soft.

These face cloths have been in the studio for a while and, although they are wrapped up well, have probably absorbed the collective smell of all the essential oils I use in the studio so they might smell quite perfumed.  So washing before use will get rid of any perfumey studio 'smell'.

Important Information

These face cloths are sent out having been packed tightly in a box so they will seem quite flat on receipt.

We recommend washing the face cloths prior to using so that they fluff up more become more absorbant.


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