Cool, Calm and Collected Body Scrub

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Cool, Calm and Collected Intensive Body Scrub provides an invigorating wake-up in your morning shower with its zesty, citrussy combination of lemon, bergamot and geranium.

It has a base of skin nourishing organic apricot kernel oil and shea butters and is packed with loads of skin polishing ground olive stone and polenta, which will leave your skin feeling smooth and deeply moisturised for the whole day.  All without any heavy oiliness.

This scrub is very powerful so if you’ve got sensitive or thin skin prone to breakage do not us it. 

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What’s in Cool, Calm and Collected Body Scrub?

This lovely scrub has a blend of citrus and floral oils which all work together to create a lightly floral but not too heavy fragrance which means that even those who aren’t keen on floral fragrances will love it.

The fragrance starts off all bright and lemony and then deepens as you get hit with the bergamot and then you get the gentle hint of lavender and geranium oils.  The combination is just sublime!

Not only are these essential oils great for your skin and senses they are also beneficial during the menopause.

They work by helping to reduce anxiety, brighten your mood and can even help with hot flushes. What’s not to love!

How do you use this Body Scrub?

The scrub is well packed into its tin.  It’s best if you treat one area at a time with the product, that way you won’t get loads of water in the tin from the shower.

After washing in the shower just take a finger full of scrub, put in the palm of your hand and then add some water and rub to distribute it between your hands.

This will loosen the product and make it easier to apply.  Use it to slough away rough, dry skin on tops of arms, thighs and bum, and anywhere else that you have rough dry skin.

Use more as necessary for each area to achive soft, smooth skin. Then just rinse off to reveal soft, smooth skin.

The organic shea butter and apricot kernel oil in the scrub will leave your skin feeling moisturised but not oily.

* Warning: This is a very intensive scrub.  If you have really sensitive skin or your skin is very thin or prone to breakage do not use this scrub.

Hint for if you have menopausal dry skin:

The skin on my lower legs is appallingly dry and flaky and I regularly use this scrub to get rid of the dry skin.

After using it I pat my skin dry and use some Cool, Calm and Collected Body Oil to lock in moisture.

I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the condition of my skin from using this heaveny combination.

Quantative ingredients:

kaolin clay (argilez),
cornstarch (zea mays),
orange flower water (citrus sinensis),
potassium olivate,
potassium cocoate,
olive stone (olea europaea),
apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca),
potassium sunflowerate,
sls free emulsifying wax,
shea butter (butyrospermium parkii),
gluten free polenta,
jojoba wax (simmondsia chinensis),

palm free stearic acid,
lemon essential oil (citrus medica),
bergamot oil (citrus bergamia),
geranium bourbon essential oil (pelargonum gravidas),
lavender essential oil (lavendula angustifolia),

natural preservative: (benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic acid, sorbic acid and benzonic acid).

1 review for Cool, Calm and Collected Body Scrub

  1. Alice Price

    Oh my good grief this scrub is amazing! It’s the best scrub one I’ve ever used! Sue wasn’t wrong in her description when she said it wasn’t for the fainthearted. It is quite tough but it dealt with the pimply skin on my upper arms and thighs like no scrub ever has before. It leaves your skin feeling tingly and smooth, not dry and scaly like other scrubs can. I was so pleased with the sample size body oil that came with it too! Using that afterwards left my skin feeling and smelling incredible. Will definitely be ordering more of both as it’s a lovely combination. Please keep this all year round, not just for summer.

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