Coconut Fibre Soap Rests


Coconut Fibre Soap Rests are are great way to prolong the life of your favourite soap and to keep them germ free.

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Coconut fibre soap rests are a great alternative to traditional soap dishes

Traditional soap dishes tend to make your soap go all wet and soggy.  The antibacterial coconut fibres in these soap rests allow moisture to drain away so air can circulate around your soap bar.

This allows your soap to dry naturally between uses and also keeps it germ free.

Here's the link to a blog I wrote during covid about how safe your soap bar is to use - it's quite surprising. 

What are Coconut Fibre Soap Rests made from?

These soap rests are 100% biodegradable and compostable wich makes them the ideal zero waste alternative to plastic or metal soap dishes.

These soap rests looks similar to the coconut fibre scouring pads you find in eco shops.  However, their fibres are more coarse and robust.

A handy tip:

If your soap rest gets impregnated with soap you can use it to scrub the sink whilst rinsing it then give it a squeeze and pop it back on the sink with your soap on top!  This means they are both zero waste and multi-tasking!

Soap Rests are made from 100% recyclable coconut coir bound together by a non-toxic biodegradable adhesive.

Important Information

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3 reviews for Coconut Fibre Soap Rests

  1. SamanthaJH (verified owner)

    Well this has only been in use a week, but OH MY am I amazed how worth the money it is! It really does enable my (lovely, soft) soap to dry out properly, and quickly – not a sign of squidgeyness on the soap rest itself, either. I’m weirdly impressed and will get another!
    Will be interesting to see how long it lasts (as ceramic ones ast for decades, and most plastic ones seem to last too) – but it seems very tough, so I’m hopeful. And it’s just so much dryer than those ones, so I like it a lot more. Try one!

  2. Penny

    We’ve just bought these for each of our sinks. Ideal for drying out your solid soap and shampoo bars and they’re natural too. So far so good!

  3. samantha.holland (verified owner)

    Best ones I’ve found of this type of soap rest! Really like them – practical, eco-friendly, and less prone to “clog” than others I’ve tried.

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