Coconut and Argan Solid Shampoo Bar

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Here it is at long last, the third and final shampoo in Maldon Soaps solid shampoo collection.  Coconut and Argan Solid Shampoo Bar is a gorgeous chunk of coconutty goodness for normal to dry hair.  It has the power of organic argan oil at its base to soothe, smooth and hydrate your hair naturally.

SLS, sulfate and plastic free, this shampoo bar foams naturally and rinses out completely without stripping your hair of essential moisture or adding any unnecessary silicones or plastics to the hair.  What you get left with is naturally clean hair – which might feel a bit weird at first because it’s likely you’ve never felt what your actual hair is like thanks to the stripping effect of SLS and the coating effect of silicone enhanced shampoos.  But trust me, once you get used to the feeling of naturally clean hair you’ll never go back to the bottle!

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What’s in Coconut and Argan solid shampoo bars?

Coconut oil: Adds moisture to the hair without weighing it down, helps the shampoo bar to last longer and foam naturally.

Argan oil:  Great for boosting the hairs natural keratin (the thing that keeps it strong)

Olive oil: Adds shine and improves the tensile strength of hair by up to 100%

Sweet almond oil: softens the hair and helps to condition the scalp.

Castor oil: This is one of the main ingredients that makes a shampoo bar different to a soap bar.  Helps the bar product big bubbles and foam in the hair.  Also helps it rinse out completely and not dry the hair out.

Organic Jojoba Oil: minics skin and hairs sebum so it’s great for keeping the hair and scalp balanced and hydrated.

Coconut extract: The smell of coconuts.  Nuff said!

This is a vegan product.

How to use Coconut and Argan Solid Shampoo Bars:

When you use my shampoo bars for the first time they will feel very different in your hair to other ones because they are natural.  They still foam but you need to rub the bar into your scalp to get a layer of it on your hair, then wet it a bit (best done in the shower) then get the foam going and work it through the rest of your hair.

When you come to rinse it out it might feel weird and squonky (new word I made up on the spot).  If it does feel a bit weird like this just use a tiny bit more shampoo and give it another rinse.  You may need to do that for the first few uses until your hair gets used to it and you get used to how it feels in your hair.

Your hair might take a week or so to adjust to the new product it’s being treated to.  Mine was the same.  But perseverance is key.

You might need to use a light conditioner afterwards just on the ends of your hair if it’s long or if you usually use conditioner.  Check out the two gorgeous hair conditioner bars that I do, there’s even a brand new coconut and argan one to compliment this shampoo bar here.  Your hair should be easier to brush and will feel soft and bouncy and smell incredible.  I found that I couldn’t stop touching and sniffing my hair afterwards as I couldn’t believe I’d just washed it with what was, effectively, a bar of soap!

Quantative ingredients of Coconut and Argan Solid Shampoo Bars:

sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium sweet almondate, sodium castorate, organic argan oil (argania spinosa), organic jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), parfum.

2 reviews for Coconut and Argan Solid Shampoo Bar

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lorraine (verified owner)

    I love this! I have used this a few times and I like the way it makes my hair look and feel. I have fine, highlighted hair and after the first use I noticed that my hair was shiny and full-bodied. My hair never shines and even if a shampoo gives it some body it soon looks flat not long after the wash. So I am a convert to this shampoo bar and I now want the conditioner 😊

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sara (verified owner)

    My hair didnt love this shampoo bar to begin with and looked like I hadnt washed it, now after using for a few weeks my hair is so soft and ive had to wash it far less than I usually do. I also suffer from a dry/ itchy/ sore scalp and this shampoo bar has definitely helped with that

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