Coconut and Oat Soap

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If your skin is prone to eczema breakouts or you have dry skin in general this coconut and oat soap could be your new best friend!

Coconut and Oat Soap is made using pure coconut milk and coconut oil for their exceptional moisturising properties.  I then add local, gluten free oats for gentle exfoliation and an even creamier texture, so it’s a winner all round for any dry skin conditions.

Some coconut soaps can actually be drying but this one contains a great deal of extra coconut oil to leave your hands and body feeling soft, supple and smooth. Coconut and oat soap has helped in a number of cases of dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

I’ve had some supplier issues in getting hold of coconut fragrance oil so this is now an unfragranced soap.

For more information and a breakdown of ingredients see below:

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Coconut & Oat soap is now unfragranced as I’ve had some supplier issues and can no longer get hold of the coconut fragrance oil that I used to use. I can’t get another one that fulfils all my strict eco credentials so, for the foreseeable future it’s going to be i fragrances. What won’t change is it’s organic status and extreme creamy texture!

Making soaps using just coconut oil produces a really hard, bubbly bar of soap that lasts for ages. Plus you get all the moisturising benefits of the coconut oil so your skin will stay nice and soft. The addition of oats makes the soap even more luxurious and gives a milky lather and a gentle scrubbing effect.

The oats we use are from a local farm who are only one of 5 producers of oats in the UK. They are organic and gluten free and very high quality. It is important to us that as many products we use have experienced as few food miles as possible.

This product is organic and vegan as are all of my products.

Quantative Ingredients of coconut and oat soap:

coconut oil (sodium cocoate), coconut milk (cocos nucifera), gluten free oats (avena sativa),

green type = organic ingredients.

5 reviews for Coconut and Oat Soap

  1. Pam West

    I cannot speak highly enough of this soap. It is simply brilliant! I have psoriasis and nothing has helped it until now. The combination of coconut oil and the scrubbiness of the oats is a match made in heaven and I love the way my skin feels after using this in the shower. t smells wonderful too. I scrub my psoriasis patches with this in the shower and then I use the skin saving balm afterwards and that calms the irritating patches better than any gloop from the doctors. I’m so glad I found these products.

  2. henriet.g (verified owner)

    My new favourite soap for the shower. Does wonders for my skin and my eczema patches.

  3. Naomi Martin

    Ive been using this soap for a while now and its so luxurious with the coconut oil. It foams up loads and is so soft and creamy. It makes my dry hands feel lovely and the exfoliating oats scrub away the dry skin.

  4. Kara Monkiewicz

    So good when my skin is going through a dry phase.

  5. Madeleine Ravetta (verified owner)

    My new favourite soap! I have trouble with dry skin, and winter psoriasis. This scrumptious-smelling soap is a dream to use. The oats provide exactly the right level of gentle scrubbiness, and the coconut oil leaves my skin feeling soft and well-cleansed. My skin is very grateful for this soap, and so am I.

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