Cocoa & Shea Solid Conditioner


Cocoa & shea solid conditioner is the perfect product if you want a more natural bathroom and want to care for your hair.

It’s suitable for all hair types and it’s sls free, silicone free, mpg free, made from organic ingredients, smells fabulous and, as if that wasn’t enough, it works!

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Cocoa & shea solid conditioner is every bit as gorgeous as it sounds.

There are now lots of solid hair conditioners on the market. Most of them are cheaper than my conditioners.

Cheaper conditioners contain high levels of chemical ingredients like SLS, propylene glycol, dimethicone and other silicones, plasticisers and waxes that coat your hair and give it a fake sheen and softness.

These ingredients coat the hair and stop any beneficial ingredients from penetrating your hair follicles so, ultimately, they don’t actually do anything to nourish your hair. So eventually your hair will break and split and then you’ll need more conditioner to ‘help’ your hair.

My solid conditioner bars are different. I have created them using the most incredible ingredients which actually nourish the hair, leaving it  feeling wonderfully glossy, bouncy and smelling fabulous.

So you really do get what you pay for when it comes to solid hair conditioners!

In addition, my solid hair conditioners will outlast a solid shampoo bar at least 3:1.

one of these bars will last me about 4 months.

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What’s in Cocoa & Shea Solid Conditioner?

Fair trade cocoa butter and shea butters  soften and moisturise the hair without weighing it down.
Plant keratin mimics our hair’s natural strength-building protein. It penetrates every hair follicle, helping to maintain moisture balance and providing elasticity, volume and bounce.
Vitamin E oil restores lost moisture to dry damaged hair.
Glycerine is a humectant which carries moisture into the hair to help keep it supple.
Behentrimonium methosulfate may sound scary, but it’s actually a mild, vegetable wax derived from rapeseed oil. It’s alcohol free which means that, thankfully, it won’t dry your hair out. Similarly it gives the conditioner a wonderful slip and a powdery finish.  As a result the oils and butters won’t leave your hair feeling oily and flat.
Panthenol is part of the vitamin B5 group, which increases hair’s elasticity and boosts its moisture retention abilities.

How to use your solid hair conditioner bar:

Use it exactly where you would use a liquid conditioner.  So if your hair is oily use it just on the ends and if it's dry use it all over, including your scalp.

After shampooing your hair, simply stroke the bar through wet hair.  Distribute through your hair and rinse out as normal. After that just dry and style as normal.

Keep your conditioner bar dry between uses to prolong its life.  Why not keep it on one of our coconut fibre soap rests


behentrimonium methosulfate,  palm free stearic acid, fairly traded cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), fairly traded shea butter (butyrospermium parkii), orange wax (citrus dulcis), sweet orange essential oil (citrus dulcis), polyquertinum
d panthenol, plant keratin, palm free glycerine, vitamin E oil (tocopherol), ecosafe natural preservative (benzyl alcohol, dehydro acetic acid, sorbic acid and benzonic acid).

green type = organic ingredients.


Products: Lots of my products contain essential oils. While these are all added at safe levels for normal adult usage please ensure you do your own research or check with your medical practitioner before using products if you are pregnant or if you have any specific health conditions. All products are safety tested for normal adult use. Although all my products are as natural and gentle as possible please be aware the ingredients may, on rare occasions, cause irritation. If this happens discontinue use and seek medical advice. Any use of products on babies or small children is at parents discretion.
Delivery times: Please be aware that, because some products are freshly made to order, it can take a few days for your order to be posted out to you. This is to ensure your products arrive as fresh as possible. I aim to post all orders out within 5 working days of receipt of order but occasionally there may be a longer wait if I have a lot of orders of if the order is very large. So if your order is for a specific date or occasion please ensure you order in enough time to allow for it to be delivered.


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