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Chickweed Salve is a lovely new product which is organic, unfragranced, 100% natural and very good for your skin.

If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, bites, scrapes, cuts or chafes but you’ve got really, really sensitive skin, you might not be able to use skin saving balm even tho you’ve heard about how amazing it is.

Chickweed Salve could be your ‘salve’-ation sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!

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I’ve just launched this fabulous new product which is 100% natural and is packed full of a strange but wonderful ingredient – chickweed!

What’s so special about Chickweed?

Chickweed is a weed that grows in many of our gardens in the spring. It’s quite a short lived weed as it only has tiny roots so, as soon as it gets really warm, it dies off.
However, in spring it grows prolifically in my garden which is great as far as I’m concerned because that’s when I harvest it, dry it and infuse it in organic extra virgin olive oil. I leave it infusing for about 3 months so that the oil absorbs every bit of goodness from the chickweed.
Chickweed contains some powerful skin beneficial properties. It also contains lots of vitamins and enzymes that can help dry skin conditions.
Once it’s infused in organic olive oil those properties transfer to the oil.
I then use this chickweed infused olive oil in my brand new Chickweed Salve. It contains just 3 ingredients, the organic olive oil, organic fair trade shea butter and some organic candella wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax).
The addition of organic shea butter makes this salve a powerful ally in the war against dry, chapped skin.
Unfragranced and pure, Chickweed Salve is great for all skin types but especially sensitive. If you can’t use products containing essential oils this is a great one to use on cuts, scratches and scrapes.
It’s also great for relieving the itching and swelling associated with insect bites, so it’ll be great to keep on hand in summer.
Chickweed is also great at calming down eczema flare ups and dry skin conditions.
Just apply to skin whenever needed.  A little goes a long way.  For external use only.
It comes in a 20g aluminium tin.  Please reuse your tin or recycle accordingly.

Quantitative ingredients of Chickweed Salve:

chickweed infused olive oil (stellaria media, olea europaea), fair trade shea butter (butyrosperium parkii), candelila wax (euphorbia cerifera).

ingredients in green type = organic

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  1. ms.natasha.bee

    I have very dry and sensitive skin and this salve is my new life saver. My skin absorbs it really well and l am left with silky smooth skin ready for make up!

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