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If you’re looking for something eco friendly for the kids to do in the Christmas holidays why not get them an apple and raspberry fragranced bath bomb making kit!

It’s good clean fun making them and they can use them in the bath the next day.  You never know, if you’re lucky they might even let you have one!

There’s enough mixture to make at least 5 amazing apple and raspberry fragranced bath bombs from the moulds supplied.

There’s even a refill pack so you can re-use your moulds!

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All Bath Bomb Making Kits are not created equal…

If you’ve ever used a bath bomb kit from another company (one that sells them in toy shops and hobbycraft and amazon) you will know that not only do the rather icky smelling contents come in a lot of plastic pots, but the size of the ‘moulds’ are about as big as marbles.  You have to put the mix into the mould with a tiny plastic spoon and compact it by shoving a plastic lolly pop stick through a hole in the mould to tamp the mixture down.  They are not very user friendly, especially as they’re supposed to be for Children.

My son bought me one of these kits one Christmas just for a laugh.  It later turned out to be market research.  I couldn’t believe that the bath bombs were so tiny and so complicated to create and that, being the tiny size they were, would be absolutely ineffective when used (unless you used all 8 at once)! And these kits are about £15!

What will you get in a Maldon Soap Bath Bomb Making Kit?

These amazing kits have got enough bath bomb mixture to make 5 round bath bombs with the supplied moulds. They are regular sized bath bombs so will make a lovely addition to your bath.

The apple mix (green) and raspberry mix (pink) are separate and can be mixed together to create the apple and raspberry fragrance.  You can make stripey ones or splodgey ones, or you can make separate fragranced ones if you want to.  Go wild and get creative!

The bath bombs will have a very delicate colour as no vivid bath staining dyes are used in my bath bombs and there will be no glitter – although, of course, if you wanted to you could add your own.

The mixture is supplied in natural compostable cellophane bags which come in a natural kraft paper box. The moulds supplied are reusable many times.

But that’s not all…

You know me, I hate single use plastic… so I’ve also created a refill pack too.  This means that, when you’ve used the moulds in the original kit to make your bath bombs and you’re itching to make some more, you can!  Just order a refill kit, which comes without moulds so you can re-use your original moulds.

The bath bomb kit will come with full instructions and there’s also a video tutorial which I would recommend you watch.  In there, as well as step by step instructions, are some hints and tips of how to present your bath bombs and how to add a secret surprise to your bath bombs for presents.

Click here the to see the instruction video. although the kits come with full instructions I really recommend you watch the video first as it will give you a better idea of what to do.

These kits are available to pre-order and I will be dispatching them during the first week of December.

Quantative ingredients of the bath bomb making kits:

Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, apricot kernel oil, parfum, C17200, C119140

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