Bamboo Soap Holders


Bamboo Soap Holders are the perfect way to keep your soap dry between uses.

They are made from bamboo and sustainable hemu wood.

For more information see below.

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Bamboo soap holiders are a classic looking style which will suit any bathroom or kitchen.

The wooden slats prevent soap from becoming wet and soggy by allowing air to circulate and moisture to evaporate. Your favourite soap maintains its consistency, stays solidly in one piece and lasts much longer.

This simple yet stylish slatted soap holder is more sustainable and practical than the plastic variety.  Another step towards your plastic free bathroom!

At the end of their lives they can be composted.

More information about bar soaps

I wrote a blog at the start of the pandemic about the different types of soaps and why it's important to keep your soap dry between uses - not just because it makes the soap last longer.

Here's the link to it



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