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  • Floral Beauty Soap Collection

    Floral Beauty Soap Collection


    Floral beauty soap collection is perfect for anyone who loves pure flower essential oils. Each soap in the gorgeous trio is fragranced with a different essential oil.  There’s geranium, ylang ylang and jasmine.  Not only do they smell gorgeous separately, the three together smell amazing!

    What a lovely gift they’d make for a mum, nan, new mum, teacher, anyone really who loves flowers!

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    Pure Rose Gift Box


    A beautiful rose patterned gift box that contains a pure rose soap, butterfly shaped pure rose bath bomb which is decorated with a pink rose bud and a 50g pot of the pure rose hand and body lotion.

    What a decadent, thoughtful and very rosey gift! Perfect for someone who loves roses but wants a gift that lasts longer than a few days.

  • hand and nail pamper kit

    Hand and Nail Pamper Kit


    Did you know that your hands are the greatest giveaway of your age? Shocking eh? I looked at my hands and nails and thought “blimey, they look like I’m about 90!”

    Enough was enough! So I created this hand and nail pamper kit as a sort of first aid kit for hands and nails that need urgent attention!

    So if your hands are feeling crepey and neglected this is the pamper kit for you!

    For more information see below.

    There’s the remarkable argan and chamomile nail and cuticle oil which strengthens and lengthens nails and conditions cuticles. Also there’s the super intensive glycerine and lavender hand cream which adds tons of moisture to hands whilst restoring softness and leaves hands feeling super soft and conditioned. Add to that the little pack of nail goodies (mini emery board, orangewood stick and lint free nail cloths which all come in a little organza bag) and you’re in for a hand and nail pampering treat. Perfect for the holiday season!

  • Minty Foot Care Kit

    Minty Foot Care Kit

    5 out of 5

    Do you have hobbit feet? Do you wish you had lovely feet? If so, look no further! This fabulous combination of products is everything you need to transform and restore your feet to human again!

    There’s a cooling, soothing soak, a minty pumice scrub for heavy duty hard skin removal, a scrubby soap for daily maintenance and a cooling, softening foot cream.

    All of the products are super effective and contain pure essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus which you can read about below.

    All these items can be purchased separately from our hands and feet section on the website but you can buy them all together here as a set and save money (plus get a reaaallly cute bag too)!

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