Who doesn’t love a lovely luxurious bath? Imake a range of bath and shower products which are both luxuriously indulgent and good for your skin!

I make the purely naturals range of bath bombs which are a fizzing, fragrant experience in their own right. I don’t use any harsh artificial colours and never any glitter, so they are extremely pure and wont stain either you or your bath. Any colour in them comes from natural clays or vegetable/herb powders. The bath bombs are then delicately fragranced with pure essential oils.  They are mainly made to order so they’re very fresh and fizzy!

If you’re looking for something to turn the water a deep shade of violet, blue, pink, yellow or to cover you in glitter you’ve come to the wrong place!  These bath bombs are what your skin would choose.

Just run a lovely bath, get in and drop a bath bomb into the water to experience their fizzing and fragrance.

I also make Fizzbubbs. What’s a fizzbubb I hear you ask? A fizzbubb is a combination of a bath bomb, bubble bath and bath melt all rolled into one for the ultimate luxurious bathing experience.

For a bath full of creamy, long lasting bubbles just crumble the fizzbubb under running water (not always possible in very cold weather due to the amount of cocoa butter which is solid at room temperature) or drop it in the bath where the water is running. Swish the water about to get the bubbles going.

As with all cosmetic products containing oils, please beware of slips and trips in the bath.

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