Oh wow I’m in the glossies!

Hello all,

I’ve been awol again for a while as things have been a bit hectic in soap land lately and I’ve been spending every minute of my time wrapping soap, so there’s been no time for blogging!

Here’s a little recap…

imageI was asked to contribute an advertorialimage to Harper’s Bazaar in their October issue.  They were cherry picking smaller beauty businesses to appear in their ‘best beauty brands’ section and the ad was very tasteful so I thought I’d go for it!

the main thing that surprised me was that they had actually heard of little old Maldon Soap!  It just goes to show that my products are getting out there.

I’ve received quite a few orders on the website since the magazine came out on 1st September and in the ‘where did you find us’ section on the websites order page people have ticked ‘magazine’ so it’s lovely to know that the advertorial is working!

My thinking when doing it was that glossy mags tend to hang around for a while in salons and waiting rooms etc so there are more opportunities for it to be seen than just first time round.

Plus I get to use the “as seen in Harper’s Bazaar” logo on the website (and anywhere else I can get it) so that’s a great accolade.

It’s nearly VIP newsletter time and, as a thank you for signing up, I’m giving all new VIP’s a code to get 20% off their first/next online order.  The newsletter will contain lots of information about new products and will also list some discontinued ones too with a last chance to buy so it’s worth signing up if you haven’t already.  I hate those awful pop ups that say ‘get the newsletter’ as I feel they’re very intrusive, so if you want to sign up the link is here: http://eepurl.com/caJyAn

If you’re already a VIP there will be a special offer for you too so no need to resubscribe.

Well I’m off to wrap this lot now……  image

And then I’ve got to make more soap (and also some Christmas soaps too….) there, I’ve said it, but it’s now October so I feel I can say Christmas now, although the Christmas launch won’t be until 1st November.

Wow I said Christmas three times in one sentence,  oops said it again… I’ll stop now. So until next time I’ll bid you good day and have a lovely Sunday whatever you’re doing.

Lots of love

Sue Xx

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