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What Makes My Handmade Soap So Special?

My soaps are luxury items. They are gifts in themselves. Their wrapping is pretty enough that you could just give a bar to someone as it is and for it to look like a present, without the need for more wrapping paper or packaging.

Glycerine & Lavender Hand Cream from The Maldon Soap Company

Hand Cream – a cautionary tale

Here’s a cautionary tale about hand creams. How they are not all equal. Some may smell amazing, some may be great value for money but when you look into it are they great value? Are they great for your skin? Read on to find out…

what products help with psoriasis

Natural skincare for sufferers of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common, long-term chronic disease with no cure. It affects approximately 2% of the people in the UK and can start at any age. Most often though, it develops in adults under the age of 35. Often confused with eczema, it tends to go through similar cycles, with flare-ups occurring and then subsiding Read more about Natural skincare for sufferers of Psoriasis[…]

Autumn Skincare a blog from The Maldon Soap Company

Autumn Skincare

In this blog I will be talking about how the changing weather can affect our skin and how best to look after it, whatever age and skin type you are so we can sail through autumn looking our best and hit the ground running when winter and, dare I say, Christmas arrives.

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