New stuff, tweaks and re-launches….

Hi everyone.  Huge apologies for not posting any blogs recently.  I’ve been so busy behind the scenes making masses of soap to catch up after Christmas that I’ve really been neglecting the blog side and the website in general.  But all that’s about to change so keep an eye on the website as there are some exciting changes coming up.

Product tweaks


By now you will probably have seen that green apple and raspberry ripple soaps have morphed into Apple and Raspberry soap, a visually stunning soap with stained glass window effect hearts embedded in a white base with a gorgeous fruity fragrance.  It’s been selling incredibly well and I’ll be releasing a video shortly where you can see how it’s made.

I’ve also changed citrus blast soap into something I lovingly call Citrus Allsorts soap (because I think it looks like one of the layered licorice allsorts sweets).  It has scrubby layers of dried lemon peel and ground olive stone between layers of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit soap. You can see a video of me making it here: making citrus blast soap

Goats milk versus Vegan versions

I’ve been making goats milk hand and body lotions for a couple of years now and they’ve been very popular. However, since the farm where I got the local goats milk has closed its shop and post office I’ve not been able to get over there as often as I liked to get the goats milk.  I tend to get it in bulk and freeze it in portions for the soap which is fine as it has to be, but to make it into body lotions the milk has to be fresh and it’s not easy to coordinate going over there with making the lotions.  People were starting to miss the lotions – particularly the rose one – so I have come up with a plan.

My plan was to use local goats milk from somewhere I could guarantee the welfare of the goats.  I’m not prepared to buy goats milk from just anywhere so I’ve reformulated the lotions instead so they’re every bit as good as they were, just without the goats milk.  I personally think they’re even better than the originals.

The Pure Rose lotion is made with organic rose hydrolat (a by product of rose essential oil distillation), organic rosehip oil, organic shea butter, and still has it’s gorgeous rose fragrance.  And it’s now vegan which is great!

The Oat and honey lotion is made with organic orange flower hydrolat, local gluten free oats, local honey, organic shea butter and it still has that unmistakable honey fragrance so it’s just as nourishing as it was before.

If I can’t get hold of any goats milk in the next few weeks I’ll be changing the formula of the goats milk and almond face cream aswell, but I assure you it will still be just as good as it was.

New stuff and relaunches

I’ve been teasing for a while about some new products that I have formulated.  I’m about to release them but, as I’ve promised my lovely VIP’s, they will get to hear about them and see them first so they will be released in next weeks blog after my VIP’s have seen them in the March newsletter.

If you’d like to become a VIP and receive the monthly newsletter, special offers, competitions and sneak previews of new stuff just sign up here. Become a VIP  You’ll also get 20% off your next order so it’s just win win!

Anyway, I must go make some more products and compile my March newsletter, it’s going to be great with another awesome competition to enter.

Have a lovely week.

Lots of love
Sue xx




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