New products for 2018 and a few goodbyes.

I wanted to do a quick blog to let you all know about some changes going on with the Maldon Soap ranges, new for 2018.

I’ve revamped lots of products and I’m in the process of changing the skincare pots from plastic to blue glass which not only look amazing but they’re better for the environment, reusable, recyclable and they keep the product much fresher too! So it’s win win all round!

A few retirements from the Maldon Soap shelves.

But first, in order to make way for new things there has to be a few products that fall by the wayside.

So, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to


Pure Rose Fizzbubb

Fizzbubbs were my creation of a bath bomb, bubble bath and bath melt
all rolled into one.  They contained organic cocoa and shea butter which melted into the bath water and left your skin feeling moisturised and nourished.  The bubbles they provided were SLS free and soft and caring and – most importantly – they didn’t make a mess of your bath!

However, try explaining that to every customer at a craft fair who asks if they’re mini bath bombs and why they’re more expensive than a larger bath bomb etc etc. They were not very easy to make, I could only make them in 12’s, they were a pain to wrap and label (no room for all the information and instructions without giving customers a leaflet about them) and, most importantly, they didn’t really sell.

Customers who tried them loved them but I could count on my fingers and toes how many fizzbubbs I sold last year.

sad faces all round as fizzbubbs are discontinued

So, although it’s disappointing for their fans, they have to go to the big bathtub in the sky.  Byeeee bubbs. xx

So what’s the alternative?

But it’s not the end of the world for those with dry skin who need moisture in their bath and plenty of it because there are new products (and existing ones that don’t get mentioned very often) that will do an even better job of keeping skin hydrated, soft and smooth and they are totally sulfate free.  In fact, with fizzbubbs going the whole bath/shower range is now totally sulfate free.

Pure Indulgence Luxury Bath Soak

Pure Indulgence Luxury Bath Soak from The Maldon Soap Company

Late last year I introduced a wonderful new product called pure indulgence luxury bath soak.  I think it got a bit overshadowed by the Christmas products so it didn’t really get a big launch.

It’s made from gluten free oats plus dried lavender, jasmine, orange, chamomile, calendula petals and rose buds.  Added organic cocoa and shea butters and organic evening primrose oil turn your bath water into a milky, moisturising paradise.  Add in the heady mix of rose and jasmine absolutes, plus geranium, lavender and ylang essential oils and you’ve got yourself a truly decadent spa experience every time you take a bath.

Each glass jar contains enough mix for 10 baths.  Just fill one of the muslin bags (2 supplied), tie the handles and drop it in the bath as it’s running, squeezing the muslin bag a few times to release its gorgeous goodness.

This is luxury bathing at its very best! You can read more about it and order it here. 

A new soap!

I’ve also introduced a brand new soap!

Double mint soap from The Maldon soap company

Called Double Mint it has stripes of green clay and a gorgeous spearmint and peppermint fragrance from organic essential oils.  It’s fabulously refreshing, uplifting and kind to skin.

You can read more about it and purchase it here.

Bath bomb re-style

I’ve been putting pictures on facebook and instagram of the new style bath bombs and sales of them since have gone through the roof so I think they’ve been well received!

I have introduced new fragrances, all from pure essential oils. And they now all contain a dose of epsom salts to make them even more relaxing. They are coloured with natural clays to make them less irritating than other artifical coloured bath bombs on the market.

Here are some of the bathbombs in the new range from The Maldon Soap Company

Here are some of the bathbombs in the new range from The Maldon Soap Company

They are suitable for all skin types and for children over 3 or at parents discretion.

The fragrances in the range are now as follows: Pure Rose, Pure Lavender, Uplift and Revive, Relax and Unwind, Muscle Ache, Sea Breeze (will change to Beside the Seaside soon), Calendula and Oat, Sleepy Thyme, Citrus Blast, Floral Beauty, Lemon Sherbet and Skin Saving Bath.

They’re not all listed on the website just yet but I’m getting there! You can read about them and order (most of them) here.

What’s next?

I’ll be introducing more new products very soon and will tell you about them in the next blog.

Until then, take care.  It’ll soon be spring!
Lots of love
Sue xx


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