My skin has literally changed! An in-depth look at Intensive Serum.

Intensive serum from The Maldon Soap Company
Intensive facial serum is an incredible product.  I developed it for use on the face, but it should also be used on neck and decolletage (the bit between your chin and your boobs) to provide nourishment to this delicate and often neglected area which can lose moisture and go crepy if not looked after.
Regular use of the serum can help delay this creping, keeping the skin plumped and healthy looking.  It’s a really great product to use when the weather is changing from summer to autumn to winter as the cold, damp weather plays havoc with the skin.

What’s in intensive facial serum?

The main ingredient in the serum is rosehip oil. Forget the rosehip syrup from years gone by (anyone remember ‘delrosa’?) this is pure, organic, cold pressed, unrefined, rosehip oil which is a rich, deeply orange coloured oil, not to be confused with the pale yellow refined version.

Where does rosehip oil come from?

Rosehip oil comes originally from the native wild flower of the Himalayas, the musk rose (rosa moschata) which is now cultivated in cold, rainy climates worldwide.

What is rosehip oil good for?

In the natural health and beauty markets of today rose hip seed oil is rapidly becoming a bit of a cult ingredient. Skincare experts and dermatologists all agree that this amazing oil is the secret to flawless skin, and its naturally occurring vitamins and essential fatty acids have a long list of uses to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Other benefits of rosehip oil are that it can be used to reduce the depth of wrinkles, fade fine lines, lighten age spots and help chronic dryness of the skin.

It can also help to improve the strength and elasticity of the skin. When used as part of a daily skin care regime, this amazing oil can help to fade scarring and to prevent the appearance and severity of stretch marks by providing a natural boost to cell regeneration.

Why does your skin need rosehip oil in its life?

If your skin suffers from redness and irritation  organic, unrefined rosehip oil can help. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which may help to soothe damaged or dilated capillaries which cause redness. For sufferers of rosacea and acne, careful application of rose hip seed oil has been used as an effective treatment in some cases. The vitamins and anti-oxidants in this amazing oil can also reduce existing sun damage by boosting the regenerative properties of your skin cells.

What else does Intensive Serum contain?

As well as organic rosehip oil, Intensive Serum contains organic borage oil to restore moisture, organic evening primrose oil to dilute sebum and unblock pores. 

Organic jojoba oil and wax which contain virtually the same minerals as skin so it’s great at keeping your skin healthy.

Vitamin E oil is also in there to add even more antioxidants to help heal scarring and minor blemishes. 

It also contains organic, unrefined shea butter which is full of vitamin A.  Shea butter improves skin conditions, helping with scarring, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis.

There is also a host of beneficial essential oils complete the serum and boost its effectiveness.

So there it is! Intensive serum. Totally natural. Preservative free. Vegan. All those beneficial oils, butters and essential oils fused together with organic jojoba wax to make the product glide onto the skin and sink right in. 

How do I use Intensive Serum?

The great thing about Intensive Serum is that a little goes a really long way and it has a lovely soothing fragrance.  I particularly love using it after I have used Dead sea mud mask.  The combination of the two leaves my skin feeling so soft, smooth and nurtured.  I feel 10 years younger!

I have combination skin so I use the serum two nights a week, three times in winter.  If your skin is dry, mature or sensitive you could use it every other night or even every night.  Leave it up to your skin and see what it wants.

Check out the product reviews that this product has received. One customer at a craft fair came up to me and used the words in the title of this blog: ‘My skin has literally changed’ 

The serum is available in a 30ml glass jar with an aluminium lid. There’s also a 5ml tester pot available to order from the website.  Take me to the serum.

Lots of love,

Sue xx

Intensive serum from The Maldon Soap Company


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