My glasses were so filthy I could actually see better without them!

In this weeks blog I’m going to explain the above statement!  How my glasses got so filthy and how I didn’t even notice!

I have been testing out new equipment and some new ingredients over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been so lucky to have now received a large amount of local beeswax from Coggeshall and it’s remarkable stuff!  Everything I’ve made so far has turned out brilliantly.  It gives a slightly softer finish to creams and balms but, thanks to my new mixer, it just gives the creams and balms a lighter ‘moussey’ finish.

Let me tell you a bit about my ‘new’ mixer. It’s great because the bowl spins round rather than the whisk moving and it has a guard which saves on splashes – or so I thought! Having a small slidey ‘window’ in the guard is great for adding stuff to the mixture while it’s still on and mixing, so when it comes to adding the honey or essential oils to the balms it’s a brilliant bit of kit.  Considering it was a never used Aldi special – which was being thrown away by my mother in law it’s been amazing.  The charity shops loss is definitely my gain!

My latest batch of Skin Saving Balm from The Maldon Soap Company

My latest batch of Skin Saving Balm from The Maldon Soap Company

The other day I was making skin saving balm and the mixer was whisking the mixture as usual.  I added the honey and kept whisking and leaving it to cool then whisking again and leaving to cool.  Depending on the weather it can take ages to cool or go thick really quickly.  In the summer it can take all day for the mixture to slowly cool and solidify.

While I was leaving the mix to cool I was getting on with the web orders.  I wear varifocals which are, to me, totally invaluable as it saves me swapping glasses all the time.  Now, with varifocals there is a normal vision bit then the middle section is for closer work like working on a laptop and the bottom section is a reading bit.  If you’ve ever thought some people who wear glasses look a bit stuck up looking down their noses at you it’s usually just them trying to see through a different section of their varifocals!

I was puzzled that every time I looked at the laptop to see a customers address I was having to jiggle my head to see through the correct bit of my glasses and I just couldn’t see.  I actually ended up taking them off and moving back about a foot so I could see the screen.  I didn’t really think about what I was doing,  I was just got on with it as I had an awful lot of orders to get through.  Once the orders were done I put my glasses back on and went to the post office.  I hadn’t noticed that it was foggy outside.

It wasn’t until I got home and indoors and realised that it was foggy inside too that I realised it must be the glasses as I was still having to take them off to focus and I realised that they were absolutely filthy and covered in tiny speckles from the skin saving balm splashing up through the open mixer window while I was adding the honey!  It looked a bit like when you’ve painted the ceiling with a roller and got tiny pinpricks of paint everywhere, only this was skin saving balm and it was very melty and smeared and just left my glasses looking ewwww!

It took me ages to clean them as they have a special anti scratch guard on them which is a nightmare to clean at the best of times – but at least now they’re clean I know I’m not going mad, they still work and I now see through them very well indeed!

The link to skin saving balm on the website is here.

Skin saving balm comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid.  It is available in three sizes

15ml mini jar @ £5.00
30ml jar @ £9.50
16ml jar @ £17.50

So, what I’ve learnt from this is that skin saving balm is the most incredible balm suitable for sensitive skin, cuts, bites, scratches, spots, scars, cuticles, lips, eczema and psoriasis.

But it’s rubbish for cleaning glasses with!

Lots of love
Sue xxx

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