My bath bombs are all grown up – and square!

Do you ever look in your wardrobe and just hate all your clothes? This happened to me a few weeks ago, except it wasn’t with clothes, it was with the shape of my bath bombs!

I’m happy to announce tho that the future is bright and the future (of my bath bombs) is square!

Square is the new round don’t you know!

Sleepy Thyme Luxury Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Sleepy Thyme Luxury Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

I’ve been a busy bee over the last few weeks blending oils and creating a whole raft of bath bombs, mixing clays, petals and natural additives to bring you a complete new range of 12 gorgeous luxury bath bombs which will each be like a mini spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

What else is in these bath bombs?

As I said above, the new bath bombs contain natural clays to colour them so there are no artificial colours in them at all. The clays have a purpose beyond colouring the water as they soothe the skin and add to the luxury spa experience. By blending the colours I’ve managed to create a whole spectrum of colours just from using four clays.

I’ve also added a good deal of epsom salts to every bath bomb.  Epsom salts are great for detoxing the skin and they add a much needed boost of magnesium to your bath water.

If you feel in need of a stronger magnesium bath check out our brand new magnesium salts luxury bath soak.

So I’m happy to introduce the definitive range of Maldon Soaps luxury bath bombs which are as follows:

Pure Lavender Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Pure Lavender Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Pure Lavender – containing local lavender oil and local dried lavender flowers.

Pure Rose – with a dried rosebud for an understated but elegant decoration.

Muscle Ache – containing 9 essential oils which work together to relax, soothe and reduce inflamation.

Sleepy Thyme – with the same6 pure essential oils as the sleepy thyme balm to increase their sleep inducing powers.

Calendula and oat luxury bath bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Calendula and oat luxury bath bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Calendula and Oat – fragranced with orange and ylang essential oils and containing an organic teabag full of local gluten free oats to soothe sensitive skin.

Lemon Sherbet – with oh so citrussy may chang essential oil to refresh and revive.

Beside the Seaside – spearmint, rosemary, lime and a host of others.  An ideal compliment to the Beside The Seaside Soap Collection

Relax and Unwind – lavender and patchouli pure essential oils to soak your cares away.

Feel Good and Uplift – Neroli, Orange and Lavender pure essential oils to make you feel wonderful.

Skin Saving Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Skin Saving Bath Bomb from The Maldon Soap Company

Skin Saving Bath – Eczema sufferers will love this soothing, caring bath which has the same properties as the best selling skin saving balm – except that the bath bomb is vegan.

Citrus Blast- A gorgeous citrussy bath full of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit essential oils. With a cheeky dried slice of lime for decoration.

Floral beauty – a decadent blend of geranium, jasmine and ylang essential oils to leave you feeling relaxed, calm and like you’ve just had a walk round a summer garden. Sister product of Floral Beauty Soap Collection 


The bath bombs are listed together with a drop down box for each different fragrance. Here’s the link to them.

And what have we left out?

At Maldon Soap we don’t do garish artificial colours.

If you’re looking for bright, glittery, fake smelling bath bombs you’ve come to the wrong place.

Bright glittery purple bath bombs may be good fun but they leave your bath in a mess and it’s not very relaxing knowing you’ve got to scrub the bath afterwards!  Children love brightly coloured baths but the artificial colours may dry out their delicate skin. So although they are very appealing to children they are actually not very good for them.

What’s wrong with brightly coloured bath bombs?

It’s a fact that anything you put on your skin will enter your bloodstream approximately 20 minutes later.  Our bodies are subjected to so much rubbish over the course of a day from pollution, chemicals and additives that it makes sense not to subject our bodies to yet more chemicals by sitting in a brightly coloured bath full of artificial colours if we don’t have to.

Although the bright artificial colours and dyes in other makes of bath bombs are mainly non toxic, some can be harmful and lots of research has to be done to identify which ones are safe and which can exacerbate skin conditions and allergies.

This is why I have decided to remove all artificial colours from my bath bombs and fizzbubbs.  When you use a Maldon Soap luxury bath bomb you know that there’s nothing nasty in it and it’s going to help your skin. And it won’t make a mess of your bath! Just rinse it away afterwards and you’re done.

So, while these bath bombs might not be that visually appealing to children, they actually are better for their skins than some of the brighter versions on the market.

As I always say, nature works so we should let it.

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Have a lovely week,
Lots of Love
Sue xx

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