Maldon Soap is on the move!!!

Yes you heard it right, Maldon Soap is on the move! In a few weeks time the soap shack will be no more!  But don’t panic. The soap will still be available at White Elm Garden Centre and it’ll be more available than ever.  Allow me to explain…

Why am I moving?

As you probably know from many facebook posts with pictures of a digital thermometer showing temperatures of 41 degrees in summer and 0.5 in the winter I work in a wooden shed. It’s a lovely wooden shed – a log cabin I’ll have you know – but it’s not insulated, it has a decking floor and it’s not very big!

I had outgrown it after about a year of being in there, but I’ve put up with the lack of space because it’s my dear little shop as well as my workshop, I have lots of lovely regular customers and it’s in a wonderful garden centre with fairly decent footfall.

Moving there allowed me to expand my range of soaps, skincare and everything else in between, which I could never have done from home when I made it there.

For the past week it has been impossible to work in the shack as it’s been 41 degrees C in there (102 F) It’s impossible to make products in that sort of heat and customers were finding it too hot to even come in.  Therefore I had no option but to close early on Friday and not to open at all on Saturday and Sunday which has impacted on sales and production in equal proportions.

This is a problem that happens every summer and the flip side to this is that for many weeks in the winter it’s just too cold to function properly and making products in those extremes of temperature is far from ideal.

So where am I going?

About a fortnight ago I went to view some craft studios which I had been made aware of.  They are very near to where I live. The unit I viewed is three times the size of the soap shack, it has a concrete floor, insulation, double glazing, 22 plug sockets (yes, 22!) and its own loos!  It’s in a gorgeous farm setting and there will be other crafts people there too.

How will it help?

I will be able to make loads more products and won’t have to completely clear away what I’ve just made before I can make another product due to lack of space, so it will be so much easier to make loads of stuff on the same day.

I’m currently able to make 2 batches of soap a day and 3 batches of cream/lotion. Or I can make bath bombs if I don’t make soap.  There’s simply not room to do it all in a day at the soap shack but that will change as soon as I move into the new place.

Sue’s soap studio… how does that sound?

Will I still be able to come and visit?

Yes and no!  The soap studio is not retail based so it won’t be open for any passing trade.

However, my new landlords are very happy for me to have visits from my customers as long as they let me know first so I can open the gates.  They’re also happy for me to do VIP evenings, open days and… workshops!

So, although customers won’t be able to just pop in you’re all very welcome to come along and see me and buy your soaps and skincare.  I’ll have a kettle and cake so I’ll even make you a cuppa!

Plus the idea of doing workshops and open days is great.  The possibilities are endless!

Where else can I buy Maldon Soap?

The owners of White Elm where I am now have very kindly agreed to keep a display of soap, skincare etc. at the garden centre, so that my regular customers (who are also White Elms regular customers) will still be able to pop in and buy their products.

So, as from the beginning of July it will become an outlet like my other outlets at Tiptree, Maeldune and Two become One.  I’ll call in weekly to top up the shelves and if there’s anything specific that you need and want to pick up from there just let me know and I’ll drop it off for you to collect.

What’s even better is that Maldon Soap at White Elm will now be available 7 days a week in the garden centre instead of the 4 days that I have previously been open in the soap shack, so it will have even greater availability.

What if I need help choosing?

I know that a lot of my customers or potential customers need to have skincare consultations so, if you don’t want to or can’t get to the new studio I’m very happy to answer any questions about skincare by email or facebook message, so feel free to message me on the page or email and I’ll answer any questions about skincare and products.

As I’ve said above, I’ll be having open days and special events in the new place so keep an eye out in the blogs and on facebook for those dates and times.  I’ll also keep you up to date with goings on and I’ll add pictures very soon.

You can always subscribe  to the blog so you don’t miss out on any information and please feel free to comment below so I know someone’s reading it!

I look forward to hearing from you and will keep in touch with what’s going on.  Exciting times ahead!

Lots of love
Sue xx

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