I’ve got that Moan-day feeling again!

Dont let Monday be a moan-day.

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend?

I spent my weekend as usual, doing housework, washing, cleaning and sorting.

Now it’s Monday again and I’ve got masses to do in the studio again.

Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by how much I have to get done. So when that happens I ditch the to-do list and create a ta-dah list.

What’s a Ta-dah list?

It’s a very handy little tool.  A ta-dah list is made by writing down all the things you’ve mangaged to get done in the day. You can write them down as you do them (like a reverse to do list) or you can just sit down quietly with a cuppa and reflect on all the things you accomplished during the day.

Your list will be pretty impressive because few of us realise just how much we actually get done in a day when you thought you’d spent all your time faffing and eating biscuits!

So, if you’re feeling stuck why not give a ta-dah list a try?

It can really help to clear overwhelm and unblock creativity.

Whatever you’ve got to do this week enjoy it 

Lots of love
Sue xxx


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