It’s been a funny old day and a quick update.

Today I wanted to tell you all about some new Christmas products, update you on outlets and give you details of some of the events I’m attending in the next few weeks. However, yesterday was such a strange, weird, funny old day that I thought I’d share that with you first, just so you get an insight into how mad life can be sometimes.

I got up at 6.30 as usual and made plans for the entire day. I’ve got lots of web orders to do and I was going to spend the day getting them sorted and making bath bombs ready to go out at the end of the week in the various web orders – I usually make bath bombs from scratch so they’re always fresh and because they sell out so quick due to the small batches I make them in.

So, my plan was to get up at 7, to do my business club stuff, to print off my web orders, write this blog, have breakfast, shower, go to the soap shack to make the bath bombs, send off the web orders that don’t include bath bombs, come home, have a bit of a tidy up indoors, scale a bit of the washing mountain, go shopping for food, come back and cook a lovely dinner that everyone would like and eat (faddy eaters not bad cooking). Then sit and wrap soap in the evening. What a lovely structured day I thought! But there’s a reason that I rarely make plans…

I always pop into my daughters bedroom to say good morning and to say good morning and have a cuddle with the gorgeous Mollie, the new rabbit who we got 3 weeks ago and who has, in such a short space of time, become such a big part of our lives. She stands on her hind legs all excited waiting to be picked up for a cuddle and she’s so soft and fluffy and lovely that I never want to put her down. But this morning was different.

Mollie didn’t race around and stand up to say good morning. Instead she just laid there looking very sad. I picked her up and realised something was horribly wrong. She was floppy and dirty and just wasn’t herself. I woke my daughter and said Mollie’s ill! We phoned the vets and they told us to come at 10.30 and that, even tho they were fully booked, they would fit her in. We slung on clothes and got her travel case out. We decided to go a bit early in case they could see us sooner. Got in the car, started the engine and nothing happened! It wouldn’t start. It always starts, except for this morning.

My daughter phoned my sons girlfriend who she’s very close to to see if she could take us but she was working but while on the phone she phoned her mum and asked her if she could take us. Thankfully she wasn’t too busy and was able to help. So this lovely lady, who I’ve hardly met, turned up and we all piled in. In the meantime I had phoned the vets to warn them that we might be a bit late and they said no problem, just arrive when we could.

The vet examined Mollie and gave her some fluids to rehydrate her and gave us some antibiotics and bunny dioralyte but said her heart rate was fine and her temperature was fine and that hopefully she would be ok. We got home and had to bath her as she was very dirty and a bit smelly then we snuggled her in towels and on a heat pad, lit the fire, gave her lots of cuddles and attention all day long while I called out the RAC to come and fix my car – which they did!

Sadly no amount of cuddles and syringes of rehydration fluid could help Mollie and our darling fluffy bunny passed away about 7.30 last night. So sad. My son got home from work at about the same time and he dug a grave for her and she was buried in a Calvin Klein box under the apple tree with the super moon watching over her. What a day!

Consequently I’m behind a day but if I didn’t have my own business I could never be that flexible and take time off to do what’s needed when people and pets need you. So the orders will be a day late going out and the bath bombs will be a day late being made but I can bring them home and dry them out in the warm so that’ll make up the lost day. Everyone will get everything in time I’ve just got to do two days work in the space of one but hey ho that’s not too bad.

New products

Last week I launched a new shower gel just for Christmas. It’s called Berry Christmas and it’s fabulous! It is berry scented and smells like blackcurrant chewits crossed with fruitella with a hint of that lovely blackcurrant childrens cough medicine. Gorgeous! I’ll be making a bath bomb with the same fragrance shortly! Berry Christmas Shower Gel

Christmas spice bath bomb will be ready on Thursday and it has the distinctive clovey, cinnamony smell so reminiscent of Christmas. It’s a favourite every year and this year should be no exception. Photo’s coming soon.

Events and goings on

This Sunday I’ll be at Coggeshall Farmers Market. It’s the regular market that I do and is the last one of the year so it will have a real Christmassy atmosphere. I will have lots of Christmas products on sale too!

The following week I am at Marks Tey at a Christmas Market in the Marks Tey Hotel which promises to be a very lovely event. I will post details of all the other events I’m attending up to Christmas on the facebook page so keep an eye out.

So off I go to make bath bombs and pack up orders. If you’ve ordered you’ll be getting your parcels very soon and I’ll pop in something extra to say sorry for the delay.

Lots of love
Sue xx

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