How to have great skin at any age

How to have great skin at any age - a blog by The Maldon Soap Company

Skin changes so much throughout the decades. Often, it feels like we’re constantly switching skincare products trying to find what suits the latest needs of our skin.

Great skin at any age will involve adapting both products and skincare routine during our lifetime. However, it is possible to have great skin, no matter what our age, if we are aware of those changes before they happen!

Here’s a breakdown of how those changes can look for our skin.

Testing times for tweenage/teenage skin

There are so many products on the market aimed at tweenagers and teenagers. Unfortunately many of these products do more harm than good by stripping skin of oil but also stripping away the necessary moisture barrier and necessary sebum (the stuff skin needs to keep supple and healthy) that skin needs in order to replenish itself.

When you strip away oil and moisture from your skin it panics and sends more oil and sebum to the surface to replace the lost moisture, thus starting a vicious circle of unnecessarily harsh treatment at a time that your skin needs gentle treatment.

To make sure your skin behaves you need to calm down the oil but bring balance back to your skin, with gentle products suited for oily/combination/problem skin.

Our charcoal and clay facial soap is great if your skin is oily or spotty but if it’s on the sensitive side tea tree and lavender facial soap might be a better bet.

To remove make-up coconut and olive hot cleanser works for all skin types, even oily, because although it removes makeup it won’t strip your skin of essential moisture, so it won’t set your skin off producing too much sebum again.

Occasional exfoliation is key and dead sea mud mask works a treat. A quick spritz with an alcohol free toner like rose and orange organic toner will remove the last bits of cleanser without triggering sebum production again.

Sometimes even tweenage/teenage skin needs moisture. You need a light cream that just gently puts back any lost moisture. White tea and lavender face cream ticks all these boxes.

Skincare for women in their 20’s

During your 20’s your skin is plump, dewy and healthy – hopefully! Get into the habit of cleansing all makeup off your skin at bedtime and use a scrub a couple of times a week, to keep skin looking fresh.

Opt for a gentle, yet effective hot cloth cleanser like coconut and olive hot cloth cleanser to remove all traces of make-up or try our jasmine and rose micellar cleanser followed by a spritz of rose and orange toner. For some women in their 20’s, it can still feel like your skin’s stuck in your teenage years. If this sounds like you, continue with products suited for oily/combination skin like charcoal and clay face soap

Opt for a light moisturiser that covers all bases like rose argan face cream which will cherish your skin with its organic ingredients.

Fit and healthy 30’s

If you want to keep having great skin, now is the time for you to start implementing an anti-aging routine. Your skin is starting to change, as fat stores diminish, cell turnover slows down and fine lines may start to appear.

Look to regularly use a face mask to nourish whilst removing dull-looking dead skin cells. If your skin is oily try an exfoliating mask like dead sea mud mask or if your skin is on the dry side rose clay and aloe nurturing face mask will be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine.

It might be time to start using an eye cream too, to protect the delicate skin around eyes which is one of the first places to show signs of fine lines and ageing. Our lavender and oatmilk gentle eye cream is a great product to use.

Fabulous skin in your 40’s

Sebaceous glands start to produce less oil and your skin starts to thin out in your 40’s. This means that, not only is your skin getting duller, it’s also getting drier. But don’t panic! Now’s the time to start using an intensive facial serum at night, instead of a normal face cream, to really boost your skin’s moisture – and keep up with using the eye cream! Also make sure your toner is a gentle one that doesn’t contain alcohol like rose and orange toner.

Great skin in your 50’s

Now’s the time your hormones are starting to really kick off! Your skin is going through a lot of changes too, potentially dictating a need to completely change your skincare products.

Skin can become really sensitive, dry, rough and, thanks to those pesky menopausal hormones, can be generally all over the place! Switch to gentle but nourishing products that are suitable for more mature skin, and avoid any harsh chemicals and fragrances. Our lavender and oatmilk facial cleanser is perfect for cleansing dry, sensitive skin and camellia rose face cream contains evening primrose oil and shea butter and is just right for mature skin. Frankincense facial mist helps to rehydrate skin and is great to keep in the fridge to spritz you skin when encountering hot flushes.

Serene 60’s and beyond

Your skin is now getting more delicate, so treat it with absolute kindness and respect. It can get very dull and delicate, and will need help to stay adequately protected and moisturised. Keep going with the sensitive skincare products from your 40’s and 50’s and maybe try our deep moisture face oil in the mornings if face cream doesn’t seem to be helping keep your skin moisturised.

These skincare products will stand you in good stead into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond as they are made from incredible ingredients that nurture skin naturally, and there’s nothing so good as natural.

In conclusion

As you can see, it is possible for you to have great looking skin at any age, if you use the right products. By ensuring you always use the right type of products for your skin type and age, you’ll ensure you’re giving your skin everything it needs, to look and feel great!


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