Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products Parts 1 and 2

In part one you can learn to make 8 fabulous products for yourself, your friends and family with this easy to follow video course. You’ll need minimal ingredients and minimal equipment.

You can learn how to make:

Body Butter
Chickweed Salve
Lip Scrub
Dandelion Salve
Body Scrub
Face Mask
Spot Gel

Make your own natural beauty products is just £34.50

Home made presents are so in at the moment.  You’ll be so popular when you give these gorgeous products for presents!

You can get the non standard ingredients from me by clicking this link.

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In part two you can make products not only for yourself but for your home too!

You can learn how to make:

Bath Bombs
Toilet Bombs
Mineral Salts Bath Soak
Micellar Cleanser
Carpet Freshner
Wax Melts
General Purpose Household Cleaner
Fabric Freshner Spray

This course is available for £34.50 but you can save when buying both courses together?

Click here to get part two

Once again I supply any of the ingredients you can’t get hold of easily yourself.