Maldon Soap  is a tiny business so we are unable to support charities with donations but we are proud to be associated with the Forever Finley charity.

Fovever Finley

My friends Rob and Charlotte lost their healthy little boy Finley during childbirth due to medical negligence which was absolutely devastating.

They wanted to take plaster casts of his perfect little hands and feet but there was no one that did it so they did very rudimental ones themselves.  Not perfect but a perfect reminder of Finley.

They realised that there were lots of bereaved parents of stillborn or neonatal babies who would love to have plaster casts of their angel babies hands and feet to keep as cherished memories so they attended a training course to learn the art of casting.

They set up the Forever Finley charity in their sons memory and now they are able to offer casting to a number of Essex hospitals and funeral homes.

As the parent of an angel baby myself, albeit many years ago, I would love to have had some kind of personal reminder of my baby but there was nothing like that available at the time.

Rob and Charlotte do an incredible job, channelling their grief into helping others to make memories of their little ones.

At Maldon Soap we make a Forever Finley soap which has their logo on. We sell it in White Elm Garden Centre and on the website. £1 from each soap goes directly to Forever Finley to support the amazing work they do and to raise awareness of their very special charity.