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Ditching the plastic in 2019

I thought I should write a short blog, by way of an update, about where I am now with the dreaded P word.  Plastic!  I’m aware that I have many more customers than I did at the beginning of 2018 when I started my move from plastic to glass jars so you lovely new customers Read more about Ditching the plastic in 2019[…]

Intensive serum from The Maldon Soap Company

My skin has literally changed!

Intensive facial serum is an incredible product.  I developed it for use on the face, but it should also be used on neck and decolletage (the bit between your chin and your boobs) to provide nourishment to this delicate and often neglected area which can lose moisture and go crepy if not looked after. Regular Read more about My skin has literally changed![…]

Lavender and lemon sea salt bars from The Maldon Soap Company

What’s new for 2019 at Maldon Soap

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend some quality time with friends, family and loved ones. I’ve been back in the studio since 3rd January and I’ve been making, making, making – and I’m still making! Christmas was awesome for Maldon Soap (thank you to everyone who Read more about What’s new for 2019 at Maldon Soap[…]

Maldon Soap’s review of 2018

Phew! Where did last year go? It’s true what they say about time flying as you get older, policeman have seemed like babies for many years so I guess that’s it, I’m officially old! Noooooooooooooo! Anyway, mini meltdown over.  2018 was quite a year both personally and for the business.  There have been many health Read more about Maldon Soap’s review of 2018[…]

My latest batch of Skin Saving Balm from The Maldon Soap Company

My glasses were so filthy I could actually see better without them!

In this weeks blog I’m going to explain the above statement!  How my glasses got so filthy and how I didn’t even notice! I have been testing out new equipment and some new ingredients over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been so lucky to have now received a large amount of local beeswax from Read more about My glasses were so filthy I could actually see better without them![…]

Lavender and Tea Tree Solid Shampoo from The Maldon Soap Company

Solid shampoos and conditioners come to Maldon Soap

I’m very excited to be able to share some details about the new solid shampoos and conditioner here at Maldon Soap. Those of you who have been with me a long time will probably remember that I used to make a solid shampoo bar.  I discontinued it about three years ago because, at that time, Read more about Solid shampoos and conditioners come to Maldon Soap[…]

charcoal and clay facial soap from The Maldon Soap Company

Soap! What’s in mine, what’s in yours?

In this blog I wanted to tell you about what I put in my soaps and the difference between them and other soaps you can buy.  The ingredients I use in my soaps, and in all my skincare products, are crucially important to ensure the quality and effectiveness of what I make. If I can’t Read more about Soap! What’s in mine, what’s in yours?[…]

spring image from The Maldon Soap Company

Spring into a new skincare regime – Part One

Did you know that not only is today a day of international happiness (make of that what you will) but it’s also the first day of spring – and that fact in itself makes me very happy.  Spring is by far my favourite season. After the snowy weekend that we’ve just had, Spring can’t come Read more about Spring into a new skincare regime – Part One[…]

New products for 2018 and a few goodbyes.

I wanted to do a quick blog to let you all know about some changes going on with the Maldon Soap ranges, new for 2018. I’ve revamped lots of products and I’m in the process of changing the skincare pots from plastic to blue glass which not only look amazing but they’re better for the Read more about New products for 2018 and a few goodbyes.[…]

Bath bomb making workshop from The Maldon Soap company

Bath bomb workshops are here!

On Saturday 20th January I’m holding my very first bath bomb making workshop where we will be designing and building our very own bath bombs.  It’s looking to be a fun, creative afternoon and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the ladies who have booked come up with. As it’s the first workshop I’m Read more about Bath bomb workshops are here![…]

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