Bath bomb workshops are here!

On Saturday 20th January I’m holding my very first bath bomb making workshop where we will be designing and building our very own bath bombs.  It’s looking to be a fun, creative afternoon and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the ladies who have booked come up with.

As it’s the first workshop I’m limiting the spaces to 8 so I can divide my attention equally between everyone to ensure that everyone gets the help they need and doesn’t feel left out.

The next workshop will be able to take 10 students.

The first workshop sold out in 2 days so there really is a need in this area for workshops of this sort so I’m delighted to be able to fill a gap in the market.

The second workshop will be on 10th February and I have bookings for it already.  As it’s close to Valentines day I thought that, those who want to, could put a valentines spin on the bath bombs.  Come along to see what I have in mind!

What goes on at a bath bomb workshop?

We’ll have a chat about which bath bombs we want to make, which fragrance, any colour or additives and what shape you’d like.  Once this is decided we’ll gather all our stuff together and then off we go.

I will make a batch at the same time as you and I’ll explain what I’m doing and why and then you can get weighing, measuring and mixing.  I’ll be on hand to help and answer any queries you may have.  Before too long you’ll have made yourself 4-6 gorgeous bath bombs (it all depends on the size of the mould you choose).

We’ll put them to one side to set for a little while, whilst we clear up and I’ll pop the kettle on.

We’ll have a cuppa and a natter (and cake).  You’re more than welcome to browse the shop and buy stuff if you want to (you’ll get 10% discount on any purchases made from the studio).

Then it will be time to pack up your bath bombs and take them home to finish drying off.

They will be ready to un-mould in approx 24-48 hours.  After that you can use them in the bath or wrap them up and give them away as presents.

Hens, birthday parties and girls (or boys) who just want to be creative:

I’ve had a number of bookings from groups who have booked a whole session up for hen parties, birthday parties (adult) and just groups of ladies who…

There is a special group rate for those who book all 10 places in one go.  Contact me on for more details.

These workshops are not aimed at young children so I do not accept bookings for anyone under 16.

So off I go to have a practice at teaching how to make bath bombs.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

If you want to book a place on our next workshop just click here:

Lots of love
Sue xx

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