Autumn Skincare

Autumn Skincare a blog from The Maldon Soap Company
Autumn Skincare a blog from The Maldon Soap Company

Autumn skincare can be a real challenge. The changing seasons can throw our usual skincare routines into a right old panic as our skin changes so much with the weather. Considering what we’ve gone through the last 18 months, so it’s no wonder that it’s going to have an effect on our skin.

In this short blog I’ll be talking about how the changing weather can affect our skin and how best to look after it, whatever age and skin type you are so we can sail through autumn looking our best and hit the ground running when winter and, dare I say, Christmas arrives. So pull up a chair, put the kettle on and have a relaxing read of this Autumn Skincare blog.

How can the Autumn weather affect our skin?

Humidity in the air can play havoc with our skin. Dry warm air causes skin to dry out and increases redness as blood capillaries rise to the surface to cool skin down.

Moist, humid air causes our skin to sweat and, once again, dry out.

However, the heat from the sun can also be terribly drying.

Basically, any weather is going to dry your skin out unless precautions are taken to protect it from the elements.

How can we protect our skin in Autumn?

As summer turns to autumn the air changes as the temperature drops. However, late summer/early autumn can have really random temperatures. It can still be really hot during the day but feel chilly in the evenings. Skin has a difficult time adapting naturally to these changing temperatures and that’s when flare-ups can occur.

It’s a good thing to have a regular skincare routine in place but if you haven’t got a routine you could just start one now. There’s no time like the present!

What should I use on my skin?

It’s best to opt for natural products which won’t stress your skin or strip it of the necessary moisture it needs to keep its balance while the weather changes.

The following products are suitable for all skin types and all ages. Choosing natural, organic products that contain no artificial nasties will help your skin to adjust and make it less likely to misbehave.

A great all round cleanser

Coconut and Olive Hot Cloth Cleanser is made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, which will remove all make-up, even waterproof.

It’s an oil based cleanser which really nurtures your skin and it’s suitable for all skin types, even oily.

It’s a hot cloth cleanser so, once you’ve removed it with a hot damp cloth, it doesn’t leave any oily residue. All it leaves behind is dewy soft skin that feels incredible.

An alcohol free toner

Rose and Orange Organic Toner is so hydrating and skin softening. It’s 100% natural and balances your skin whether it’s dry or oily.

This toner is also great for cooling down hot dry skin that you may get when the central heating is switched on.

Even in winter I tend to keep a bottle of this in the fridge to cool, soothe and hydrate.

A protective moisturiser

Camellia Rose Face Cream deeply moisturises and cares for dry/sensitive skin. Thanks to its organic, natural ingredients it can calm and soothe redness and evens out fine lines.

Deep Moisture Face Oil is lovely to use if your skin is feeling extra dry as it provides a barrier against the elements. It’s great to use at night to replenish lost moisture while you sleep.

Autumn Skincare – For our hands

Our hands have to put up with a lot at the best of times but in winter they can really dry out and chap. This has been even more the case over the last 18 months when we’ve had to wash hands repeatedly and use hand sanitiser.

Glycerine and Lavender Intensive Hand Cream is your go to product for dry, chapped hands. When used at night it nourishes your hands while you sleep. They will feel so much better in the morning. The organic oils and waxes form a barrier to protect your skin throughout the day.

Autumn Skincare – For our feet

Feet can suffer when they’re shoved back into thick socks and boots. Hard skin can be a problem as well as the skin on top of your feet going dry and crepey from boots rubbing on them.

Minty Foot Cream contains masses of nurturing organic cocoa butter to soften hard skin and an infusion of horsetail to boost circulation plus a blend of skin reviving essential oils. It’s great to put on in the mornings to protect your feet all day.

Minty Foot Balm takes foot hydration up a notch. It’s a solid block of essential oil infused, organic cocoa and shea butter which is great used at night to deeply moisturise the skin on your feet.

Autumn Skincare – For our bodies

The skin on our bodies really struggles as it can get suffocated under layers of jumpers. Eczema can flare up when the weather changes too.

Organic Body Oil is wonderful to use after a shower to lock in moisture and leaves skin feeling silky soft. It’s also great used at night so it can nourish your skin while you sleep.

Cocoa Butter and Oat Body Cream is a deeply moisturising blend of oils, butters and aloe vera. It will sink in and leave your skin feeling super hydrated, smooth and calm.

For chafeing, eczema flare ups, spots, dry skin patches and anything else

Skin Saving Balm is the go to product for all difficult skin.

As you can see from the above, here at Maldon Soap there are plenty of products to help your skin this autumn. Why not have a browse through the website and see if you can find yourself a new favourite.

If you’d like to ask me anything about the products above feel free to hit reply and comment below.

So take care, wrap up warm and lets keep our skin soft and manageable this autumn.

Lots of love
Sue xxx


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